HBL Foundation Scholarship Scheme:

HBL Foundation Scholarship Scheme:



 Applications are invited from the students of MUST for grant of 2nd award of HBL foundation scholarship for the Academic Year 2016-17. All students of both categories (Subsidized/ Regular) are eligible to apply for the scholarship except the students receiving any one of the following scholarship:

(i)    Prime Minister Fee Reimbursement

(ii)   HEC-Need Based Scholarship

(iii)  MUST- Need Based Scholarship

(iv)  Kashmir Council Scholarship

(v)   Punjab Educational Endowment Fund Scholarship

(vi)  Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal and AJK Zakat Scholarship

(vii) Any other scholarship

The annual grant available to this award is Rs. 1.100 Million. The HBL authorities have promised forenhancement in grant and component of scholarship.


Sr. Faculty Scholarship (per semester) Annual amount of Award (Rs.)
Numbers Amount (Rs.)
1 Faculty of Engineering


30 10,000/- 06,00,000/-
2 Faculty of Science


20 08,000/- 03,20,000/-
3 Faculty of Arts


15 06,000/- 01,80,000/-
  Total 65 —— 11,00,000/-

  The rules & regulations for award of scholarship are available on University website and printed on the back of Application Form. The students are advised to read carefully the rules & regulations before filling / applying for award. Prescribed Application Form(s) can be downloaded from the University Website and deposited to the office of relevant Departmental Focal Person. The original bank Challan of prescribed fee of Rs. 200/-(Two Hundred) must be attached with the Application Form.  The last date to submit applications in the office of Departmental Focal Person/Chairperson of relevant Department is fixed as 31-03-2017(Friday) and last date to receive these applications from the office of relevant chairperson to the office of SFAO is 14-04-2017 (Friday).

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