Mirpur University of Science & Technology (MUST), Mirpur

(Azad Jammu & Kashmir)


Phone: 05827-961080 Email: scholarships@must.edu.pk Dated: 09-07-2015


No. /SFAO/ NBS/ /15 The Vice Chancellor, on the recommendation of Institutional Scholarship Award Committee (ISAC) and anticipatory approval of the Higher Education Commission (HEC), has been pleased to approve the award of HEC-Need Based Scholarships to the following 80 selected candidates (65 + 15) of intake-2014 subsidized category. The component of scholarship shall be the Reimbursement of full tuition fee and stipend @ Rs. 6000 /- per month (10-months only).

Sr.# Name of the Candidate District Department
 1 Sumaira Mushtaq D/O Mushtaq Hussain Poonch Electrical
 2 Nabeel Hussain S/O Muhammad Rafique Bhimber Electrical
 3 Muhammad Ahmad Raza S/O Abdul Rasheed Narowal Mechanical
 4 Abdul Jabbar S/O Khadim Hussain Poonch Mechanical
 5 Sohail Sadique S/O Muhammad Sadique Khan Poonch Mechanical
 6 Muhammad Ullah S/O Said Shah Khan Miranshah Software
 7 Yasir Nazir S/O Nazir Hussain Bhimber Software
 8 Mehmoona Jahangir D/O Jahangir Khan Bhimber CSE
 9 Muhammad Hamid Riaz S/O Muhammad Riaz Bhimber Civil
 10 Muhammad Mohsin Javed S/O Javed Iqbal Bhimber Civil
 11 Muhammad Bilal Zafar S/O Zafar Iqbal Bhimber Electrical
 12 Syed Saad Saghir S/O Saghir Hussain Shah Poonch Mechanical
 13 Anam Riaz D/O Riaz Ahmed Kayani Poonch Civil
 14 Muhammad Umair Riaz S/O Muhammad Riaz Narowal E. Tech
 15 Nouman Khalid S/O Khalid Masood Rawalpindi Electrical
 16 Zulkaful Ahmed Pervez S/O Muhammad Pervez Khan Poonch Electrical
 17 Danish Akhtar S/O Muhammad Akhtar Azhar Kasur Electrical
 18 Akhtar Hussain S/O Afzal Khan Neelum Mechanical
 19 Enam Ul Haq S/O Muhammad Anaras Kotli Mechanical
 20 Iram Rouf D/O Abdul Rouf Sudhnoti Software
 21 Saba Kanwal D/O Muhammad Zareen Khan Poonch Software
 22 Ali Hasan S/O Muhammad Latif Bhimber Software
 23 Hafiz Numan Ali S/O Muhammad Khan Sialkot Software
 24 Syed Junaid Naqvi S/O Syed Shah Muhammad Ghos Muzaffarabad CSE
 25 Obaid Ahmed S/O Akhter Hussain Bagh Software
26. Farzan Sadeeq S/O Muhammad Sadeeq Bhimber Electrical
27. Yasir Abbas S/O Izhar Ali Hangu Civil
 28 Atzaz Ali S/O Basharat Ali Bhimber Software
 29 Shahid Hussain S/O Fazal Ali Skardu Software
 30 Muzhar Siddique S/O Muhammad Siddiique Poonch Software
 31 Asad Sagheer Mughal S/O Sagheer Ahmad Mughal Hattian Bala Power
32. Muhammad Nadeem Khan S/O M. Israeel Khan Hattian Bala Power
33. Shamail Abbas S/O Ghulam Abbas Ghanche Electrical
34. Raja Muhammad Irfan S/O Muhammad Mushtaq Gujrat Electrical
35. Amina Zafar D/O Zafar Iqbal Kotli Mechanical
36. Muhammad Naveed S/O Mohammad Rashid Kotli CS & IT
37. Sikandar Hayat S/O Wajid Iqbal Kotli Math
38. Zonia Akram D/O Muhammad Akram Bhimber Zoology
39. Robeela Amjad D/O Amjad Hussain Kotli Zoology
40. Basharat Iqbal S/O Muhammad Iqbal Kotli Botany
41. Rabia Latif D/O Abdul Latif Kotli Chemistry
42. Anisa Ahmed D/O Pervez Ahmed Chakwal Chemistry
43. Zameer Akbar S/O Ali Akbar Sudhnoti CS & IT
44. Erum Masood D/O Masood Iqbal Bhimber CS & IT
45. Khaliq Hussain S/O Khadim Hussain Bhimber Math
46. Shamraiz Rafeeq S/O Muhammd Rafeeq Mirpur Math
47. Ghazala Shehzadi D/O Muhammad Akram Sialkot Physics
48. Syed Usman Ahmed S/O Hafiz Syed Suliman Hussain Mirpur CS & IT
49. Muhammad Shafiq S/O Shabir Hussain Bhimber Math
50. Zeeshan Mustafa S/O Ghulam Mustafa Bhimber Math
51. Neelam Zulfiqar D/O Zulfiqar Ali M. Bahaudin CS & IT
52. Maratab Ali S/O Muhammad Razzaq Bhimber CS & IT
53. Iqra Munir D/O Muhammad Munir Bhimber Chemistry
54. Talat Shakeel S/O Shakeel Ahmad Sudhnoti Math
55. Saima Bibi D/O Muhammad Munshi Kotli Zoology
56. Nabeela Bibi D/O Fateh Muhammad Bhimber English
57. Nouman Zafar S/O Zafar Iqbal Bhimber DBMS
58. Muhammad Suleman S/O Muhammad Latif Bhimber English
59. Minhaj Hussain S/O Abdullah Hunza Nagar DBMS
60. Ghafar Subhani S/O Muhammad Arif Bhimber DBMS
61. Irfan Jamil S/O Muhammad Jamil Bhimber DBMS
62. Bilawal Javed S/O Javed Iqbal Gujranwala DBMS
63. Muhammad Awais Munawar S/O Munawar Hussain Mirpur Law & Education
64. Shahzaib Hassan S/O Shafa Ali Gilgit DBMS
65. Shamshair Haider Kazmi S/O Seyd Nisar Hussain Hattain Bala Economics

Waiting candidates

1. Rabia Arshid D/O Arshid Iqbal Mirpur Zoology
2. Gull Hasan S/O Umer Farooq Mirpur CS & IT
3. Sajid Amin S/O Muhammad Amin D.I.Khan Mechanical
4. Amir Mahroof S/O Muhammad Mahroof Kotli Physics
5. Ishrat Fatima D/O Ghulam Mustafa Bhimber Chemistry
6. Mohsin Abbas S/O Ghulam Abbas Ghanche DBMS
7. Mohsin Hussain S/O Muhammad Abdulah Astore Biotechnology
8. Muhammad Mohsin Siddiqui S/O Abdul Basit Khan Bagh CS & IT
9. Syed Muhammad Nasir S/O Syed Abdul Hadi Skardu Zoology
10. Touqeer Ahmad S/O Abdul Latif Gilgit DBMS
11. Sardar Hussain S/O Ghulam Murtaza Gilgit CS & IT
12. Muhammad Usman Munawar S/O Munawar Hussain Narowal Power
13. Umer Shakeel S/O Shakeel Ahmed Khan Bagh Mechanical
14. Amreen Riaz S/O Riaz Ahmed Bhimber CSE
15. Ikram Imtiaz S/O Imtiaz Ahmad Gujrat Math

The Awardees are directed to submit (i) The detail / proof of Bank Accounts (ii) Prescribed Undertaking Form (ii) Certificate of Head of Department that the student is not availing any other scholarship from any national or international agency. These documents must reach this office before 15th day of August 2015.

(Farooq Ahmad Pirzada)

Director (SFAO)

  1. SFAO/NBS/ /15 dated: 09-07-2015

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(Rida Atta Awan)

Assistant Director (SFAO)