What We Do

BS in Human Resource Management is an educational research oriented non-profit organization with the objective of promoting intellectual, logical and scientific thoughts and discussions. The institute is dedicated to produce well-trained, highly competent personnel and executives with the required talent in the field of Human Resource Management for industry. Human Resource Management (HRM) has been designed for those who want to excel their career in human resource management. The courses offered under this program will enable the graduates how to manage and develop human resources, performance management, labor laws and industrial relations and leadership. This program will also give an opportunity to learn from highly competent and experienced faculty.



The objective of BS in Human Resource Management is to create a platform for new generation of academic students, researchers, scholars, and economists who can effectively and productively deals with the present business challenges and difficulties.

The ultimate objective is to

  • Organizing teachings of Human Recourse at all levels
  • Research Culture and Analytical Thinking – Conducting advance studies & research in the relevant areas
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the practical perspectives, theories and concepts in their field of study
  • Develop Industry Partnership- Promoting cooperation with other leading educational and research institutions
  • Providing training & consultancy services to public and private organizations
  • Develop, Conduct and Promote Training Programs
  • Endorse Qualified Human Resources in areas demanded by Industry
  • Establish Platform for Trainers and Advisers
  • Provide Business advisory in context of Spiritual Heritage of Islam
  • Develop effective presentation skills appropriate for different settings and audiences
  • Develop career management skills to navigate one’s career



      BS in Human Resource Management    DEGREE PROGRAM


Course Code Course Title Cr. Hrs.
1st Semester
COM-1105 Introduction to Computers 3
ECO-1106 Microeconomics 3
ENG-1107 Functional English-I 3
HRM-1101 Introduction to Management 3
MAT-1115 Business Mathematics 3
PS-1117 Pakistan Studies 3
2nd Semester
HRM-1201 Recruitment and Selection 3
HRM-1202 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management 3
ECO -1206 Macroeconomics 3
ENG-1207 Functional English-II 3
ISL-1212 Islamic Studies 3
SOC-1221 Sociology 3
3rd Semester
  HRM-2301 Financial Accounting-I 3
HRM-2302 Introduction to Marketing 3
HRM-2303 Organizational Behavior 3
HRM-2304 Business Statistics 3
PSY-2319 Introduction to Psychology 3
HRM-2401 Financial Accounting-II 3
HRM-2402 Business Ethics 3
HRM-2403 Organizational Learning and Knowledge management 3
HRM-2404 Strategic Human Resource Management 3
  HRM-2405 Human Resource Information Systems 3
5th Semester
HRM-3501 Business Law 3
HRM-3502 Employee Relations 3
HRM-3503 Research Methods and Techniques 3
HRM-3504 International Human Resource Management 3
HRM-3505 Managing Cultural Diversity 3
HRM-3601 Organizational Development 3
HRM-3602  Advance Research Methods 3
HRM-3603 HRM in Public and Private Sector 3
HRM-3604 Performance Management 3
  HRM-3605  Seminars in Human Resource Management 3
7th Semester
HRM-4701 Human Resource Planning 3
HRM-4702 HR in Public Sector 3
HRM-4703 Compensation Management 3
  HRM-4704 Training and Development 3
HRM-4705 Industrial Relations Management 3
8th Semester
HRM-4801 Negotiation and Conflict Management 3
HRM-4802 Enterprise Resource Planning 3
HRM-4803 Human Resource Development 3
HRM-4804 Career Management and Planning 3
HRM-4805 Research Project 3
        ——– Oral Comprehension S/U