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The Student Development Circle (SDC) is a most prestigious and prominent society in the university. It aims to provide academic, professional and social development of the students of MUST through various workshops, research based seminars, lectures from external and internal resource persons, debating competitions, entertainment events, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The purpose of Student Development Circle is to promote inclusive approach to development and other social challenges.

The activities of society includes CPD workshops series that enable the students to learn about the innovation in their field. It provides different opportunities to develop leadership skills, confidence, character building, logistics management and enhance learning capacity of our students. It also works to explore the hidden talent, creativity and provide platform for students dedicated to exploring their passion for betterment. Currently, there are twenty-five students, who ensure that the operations of society are run smoothly.

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Contact: Muhammad Zaeem Farooq (President)


AAINA (Arts & Dramatics Society)


“Because Best Lie Inside You”

About AAINA:

AAINA Arts and Dramatics Society at the prestigious institute, Mirpur University of Science & Technology, founded on 9th January 2015 aims to follow the MUST philosophy, tradition and mission to produce future leaders. A leader needs to be well aware in every aspect of life. Students of MUST are not only talented in academics and art of management but in also different fields including arts and dramatics.

Such art performances depict the mindset of the society and provide creative individuals to exhibit their talent. Despite of population comprise the youth in Pakistan, talents and skills are largely unexplored due to a lack of opportunities and awareness. The society aims to organize such multiplex events that ensure the events exposes each individual to a more compelling shade of arts. Keeping in mind the versatility of its domain, the society pays special attention to bringing all the flavors of arts & dramatics under one umbrella. Therefore, the vibe is always there to be seen in the form of exhibitions, competitions and other such events.

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Contact: Zain Abid (President) 0331-6117016



“DHANAK” is a student society of magazine that aims to publish a student magazine at MUST. The magazine targets to cover all the activities conducted by different societies and to promote the achievements accomplished by students of MUST. It serves as a great platform for the young writers at MUST to promote their work and show their skills by publishing their work.

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Contact: Irfan Anwer (President) (Not Available)

Email: (Not Available)

Green Society MUST

Rapid globalization has led to some serious environment problems in this world. These problems need to be dealt with as quickly as possible so that safety and security of natural resources can be assured for future generations. To evolve and change the present environmental circumstance and predicaments so as to provide the quality environment to the students is the society’s priority. The goal of Green Society MUST is to contribute in improving the standard of living premises of MUST through green activities strengthening of institutions at the grass root for improved delivery of social services particularly intervention related with safe water including awareness about preventive health and safe sanitation. The society works to promote, organize, encourage study and enhance knowledge, understanding and appreciation of nature, and the principle and practice of conservation of natural resources among the common mass and to deliver our university the international sustainability certificate.

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Contact: Khursheed Ahmed (President): 0344-8940149

Email: (Not Available)


The ART & DÉCOR SOCIETY OF MUST is a student society at the Mirpur University of Science And Technology AJK founded on August 08, 2015 aiming to promote awareness, understanding and interlinking the theoretical knowledge of the students to their practical applications. And to provide students of MUST with such platform to show their hidden talent and abilities. The society targets to organize such events which would be beneficial for the students in their practical life.

In today’s world, there is a greater need than ever to establish vistas of opportunities for the youth to interact, explore, and discuss and to interlink theoretical and creativity skills and knowledge to its practical field life therefore MADS main objective is to organize seminars ,workshops and competitions related to new trends of Arts to be  in the Campus.

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Contact: Ayesha Mushtaq (President) (Not Available)

Email: (Not Available)


 MDS at MUST is working on promoting students oral communication skills owing to the fact that oral and written words are of equal importance. Society aims to promote freedom of expression, specifically by holding weekly debating sessions. Its objectives are to initiate, spark, and facilitate debate within the university by organizing All Pakistan declamations and Parliamentary style debating Competitions with the Collaboration of different universities all over the country.

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Contact: Ammar Azam (President) (Not Available)

Email: (Not Available)

MLS (MUST Literary Society)

MLS assist aspiring writers in channelizing their potentials in the right direction providing a path to help them better understand their capabilities at MUST. It encourages the students’ to develop a taste for literature & also work towards improving their spoken and written words by organizing different events of initiate competitions in extempore, essay writing, creative writing, poetry writing.

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Contact: Muhammad Gohar (President) (Not Available)

Email: (Not Available)

SWE (Students of Women Engineering) MUST Chapter


MMS (MUST Media Society)