BS (04 years) in Sociology

This program is designed in accordance with the HEC prescribed model BS degree in Sociology which is equivalent to MA/ MSc Sociology equivalent to sixteen years of education. The program is based on 134 credit hours in a total of eight semesters.

Highlights of degree program

  • Morning program on regular basis
  • Admissions open once in an academic year
  • Open merit seats = 30, Reserve seats (for hafiz-e-Quran, disability, kinship and sports) = 10, Total = 40
  • Duration = 04 years; 8 Semesters; Semester duration: 16-18 weeks
  • Total Credit Hours = 134
  • Score criteria = CGPA
  • Session Fall/ September 2019
  • Course Load per Semester 15-18 CH
  • Number of courses per semester      4-6
  • All students are required to register for full load in the eight semesters.
  • Internship: A 3 CHrs. internship is scheduled for summer at the end of the third year. At the end of the six-week internship, all students are required to submit a comprehensive report, giving details of their experience and learning and appear in viva voice examination. Viva voice will be conducted after evaluation of reports by departmental committee.