The Directorate is headed by Director Students Affairs (DSA). The Directorate facilitates the students in various services including admissions, welfare, sports, health care, career counseling, guidance, scholarships, financial aid and hostel accommodation.


Central Library

Library in an Institution plays a vital role in its education mission. Besides Departmental Libraries, MUST has a Central Library housed in the Electrical Engineering Block with adequate learning resources in different disciplines. Overall objective of the library is to select, organize, and maintain print and electronic resources that support the curriculum and information needs of students and academic staff.Central library provides convenient access to quality information resources, and an environment that encourages study and personal growth. Library also provides information services customized to individual needs and recognizing their information requirements.Gathering information, organizing it in such a way that it can be retrieved effectively, making it accessible, and disseminating this information to the relevant users are the major functions of the library. This is a lending library and is playing a vital role in increasing research output of MUST by helping faculty and students in their research work through its organized information resources.The process of equipping this library with Library Management System is in progress and once fully operational will provide users facilities like;

Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) of library resources
Online booking and reservation of library material
Digital Library
Electronic Journals and Databases
Audio/Visual Facilities
Dedicated computer systems for research and use of digital and electronic resources

Video conferencing room is being established equipped with latest audio video equipment. With a capacity of accommodating 50 people, this facility will provide excellent opportunity for remote organizations and participation in lectures, workshops, seminars, discussions and meetings, in a cost effective manner.


The campus houses cafeteria at the campus that caters for the needs of students. The cafeteria has amplespace to organize students’ functions. The University makes it sure that the food-items served at cafeteriaare fresh, nutritious and delicious but cheap.


University provides pick and drop facility to students within Mirpur city. The transport facility is also available for students studying at Bhimber Campus. Besides pick and drop facility, transport is provided to students for their study tours/recreational trips on the recommendation of respective Deans/Chairpersons of the Faculties/Departments.

Health Care

Health care is considered most important both for students and employees of the University. The University has hired the services of the medical specialist to provide consultation to students and employees. A plan to establish Health Care Centre with qualified doctors and paramedical staff is underway to look after the health of on campus students and the employees.

Prayer Facility

A Hall in the Electrical Engineering Department is dedicated for prayers.

Career Counselling

A Career Counselling Centre has been established for guidance to the students to help them in career selection. The centre is open to all students including those who wish to change or leave their courses andgraduates especially first year.Counselling service helps students acquire personal skills, self-knowledge and psychological resources which will enhance their university learning in terms of developing their full potential as students and emotionally healthy members of the community. This is achieved through counselling students individually or in groups; by contributing to the University environment through consultation and training; by studying the environment and recommending changes based on research data and judgment.Counselling service also helps in career planning and career opportunity.

Guardian Council

MUST is an organization which is not only teaching and tutoring students but also reshaping their minds to become sophisticated and responsible representatives of our society. We believe that work and integrity are not to be compromised. We ourselves determine our level of excellence.A guardian council in each department has been established to have complete information about following attributes of the students:

Economic Situation
Health Factor
Psychological Problems
Studies Report
Interaction with other students
Participation in Class
Life Style

Enterprise and Industry Links

The University is well known for its strong links with business and we are keen to build up this to encourage enterprise culture among students and teaching staff. Internship has been made compulsory for all students studying at the University at all levels.


The Directorate of Students Affairs provides help in all possible ways in promoting talent and developing the personality of the students. It organizes seminars, symposia, debates and also provides an appropriate forum to the students to freely express and share their views, perceptions and experiences. It also organizes educational tours to give wide exposure on educational and development programmes of the state / country. Students’ career counselling centre has been established, which provides guidance in all matters from admission to job placement at the end of their study programmes.The University has maintained a fund for the welfare of the students. The tuition fee of those students whose father/guardian die during their course of study will be waived off.

Financial Support/ Scholarships

Student, selected for admission to various courses programmes can apply for departmental merit scholarships paid to three merit holders. In the final year, scholarship is awarded on merit of the pervious term. The scholarship is granted for a maximum period of 12 calendar months. Some scholarships from donor agencies as mentioned below are also available to students;

IEE Pakistan (Saudi Arabia Centre)
University Scholarship
Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman Science Scholarships
Pakistan Engineering Council
Pakistan Engineering Congress
Scholarship offered by Higher Education Commission
The Ministry of Kashmir Affairs provides scholarships to the deserving students.
Fauji Foundation
Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal
Ashai Trust
Qarz-e-Hasna from all Banks
Waqf-E-Kuli Khan
Syed Nazir Hussain Shah Education Trust.
Azad Jammu & Kashmir Government is very generous in sanctioning Zakat scholarships. Majority of students is getting full benefit of this facility.

Note: A student is eligible for one scholarship at a time only. The scholarship committee invitesapplications from the students for the grant of scholarships on merit basis.
Incentive for Position Holders
The University has introduced a scheme to give incentive to the position holders of all disciplines.Under this scheme the students who secure 1st position shall be given tuition fee waiver.
Co-curricular Activities
Co-curricular activities play very important role in grooming personality of the students, enhancing their communicational skills and increasing their confidence. Students Affairs organizes these activities throughout the academic year. These co-curricular activities include:

Debates/ Lectures
Inter Departmental Debating Contests.
Hussan-e-Qirr’at and Naat Khawani Competitions.
All Pakistan Inter University Bilingual Declamation Contest.
AJ&K Students Convention.
Inter Provincial Exchange of Students Delegation.

Clubs & Societies
With a view to provide healthy outlets, the following clubs and societies have been formed.
Student Council
We believe education is not influx of information, but more about imparting values and ideals that make our students’ personality complete. Backed with experience in education and knowing the real meaning of education, we are striving to make individuals one can feel proud of without instilling the spirit of tolerance, compassion and commitment we can not prepare our students for future, which is bound to be tumultuous. Dogmatism is deadly enemy of education which must meet the challenges of the 21st century.The Directorate of Students Affairs has chalked out a comprehensive strategy to utilize the potential of youth. This step would provide the younger generation with opportunities to express their talents and abilities, creating a healthy environment which would promote the culture of tolerance and moderation.Youth would be encouraged to come forward and play their role in nation building and progress of the country. Youth is the most important section of a society. The main objective is to eliminate the sense of deprivation and hopelessness among our youth. The Directorate is striving hard to involve the youth in healthy activities like different game competitions, festivals, rallies and creative programmes within the University. In order to discuss the students’ related problems and propose their solutions, a student council has been established in the Directorate, to provide a forum to the students for mutual discussion. The students’ council comprises the first position holder students from different disciplines and officials of the Directorate of Students Affairs.
Literary Society
Literature is artistic aspect of life which provides insight into various cultural dimensions. In order to promote talent and develop the personality of the students, a “Literary Society” has been established to provide a forum to the students to give vent to their views, perceptions and experiences. The selection of the office bearer is made on merit through written test.
Debating Society
Keeping in view the performance of the students and the recommendations of the departments, the Directorate of the Students Affairs nominates the best students for Debating Society at the main campus.
Culture, Dramatic and Environment Society
Dramatic activities help to develop understanding of various dimensions of culture. To sensitize students to what is happening around them; Culture, Dramatic and Environment Society has been set up.
Media Club
Keeping in view the growing importance of media, a media club has been established. The Media Club provides a forum where students can share their views and ideas on the developments taking place around the globe.
Adventure Club
The younger university students are hyperactive and charged with energy. To supplement academic activities, adventurous engagements such as hiking, sailing, tracking etc. are organized under the Adventure Club. Through these activities, personality traits like collectivism, co-operation and healthy competition are fostered.
Art and Design Society
To preserve the rich cultural heritage and create general awareness among the masses, “Art Society” is formed to help learn and polish the art of calligraphy, painting and drawing.
Sports Society
Adhering to the principle “a healthy mind lives in a healthy body” Sports Society is established which isdevoted to organizing all sorts of sporting activities such as football, badminton, table tennis etc. Anotherbenefit expected to fall out is preparing the athletes to represent the university in inter-university gamecompetitions.