Before becoming constituent part of Mirpur University of Science & Technology (MUST), Islamic Studies (IIS) was the founder branch of learning of the Azad Jammu & Kashmir University.Besides usual curriculum, IIS initiated specific program of Zakat Education on self-support basis to elucidate following highlight of Islam.

  • Being fiscal worship, Zakat system is the basis of economy of Islam and tower of strength for the Muslims.
  • It is responsibility of the Government to appoint Amileen-e-Zakat to collect Zakat from wealthy Muslims to refine them and restitute poor persons to rehabilitate them.
  • Passing through the market, Zakat revenue transfers to traders, entrepreneurs and producers.
  • Amileen-e-Zakat are bound to stimulate idle wealth by scheduling Zakat (per annum) and show the way of capital formation/ investment.
  • As custodian of higher values, Zakat system rules out interest from economy.
  • By reason of the alliance between human resource and financial resource, madharabah and sharakah become obvious.
  • In the course of the partnership between man and money and in the process of cylic wealth middle class comes into being.
  • Commencement of full employment happens to be significantly essential as peak point of economy.
  • Good will, prosperity and sovereignty transpire from Zakat Based Economy (ZBE).

Teachers and students of the Institute voluntarily clarify above points of the Zakat System.Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) is envisioned for fiscal worship, leading to the establishment of Islamic economy.Teachers and students of Institute of Islamic Studies (IIS) confidently assert that by addressing core issue of Zakat evasion, socio-economic complications shall be resolved from Islamic state and the Muslim community.

Student Message

It is a great pleasure to be a student of M.A Islamic Studies in the Institute of Islamic Studies (MUST). I am impressed with the knowledge given to student’s excellent academic environment and interaction with the faculty has given me tremendous confidence. The attitude and devotion of the faculty members towards students is remarkable. Certainly I have made the right choice to structure myself for future endeavors.

Faiqa Arshad

M.A Semester-I