About the Program

The M.Phil. Economics program is designed to give students a quantitative approach to economics providing a rigorous combination of economic theory, quantitative methods and applied research experience. The program combines theoretical rigor in core areas of economics with exceptional flexibility in course requirements to encourage students to explore their academic interests. It offers comprehensive instruction in a wide range of areas within the discipline, including advance microeconomics, advance macroeconomics, advance econometrics and a dynamic list of elective courses that enables students to receive a well-rounded graduate training. Through expanded course work requirements, students develop a breadth of exposure to empirical methods and analytical approaches to undertaking policy analysis and research, and enhanced communication skills. Program graduates with an excellent set of specialist and transferable skills go on to obtain a wide range of positions in the private and public sectors, as well as continuing academic careers by pursuing a Ph.D. degree.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the M.Phil. programs are to develop students with the following capabilities:

  • A fundamental understanding of economic principles and their application in the relevant field.
  • An appropriate level of problem identification and conceptualization skills to focus on realistic and relevant research problems.
  • A capability to integrate theory, technical information and appropriate methods in effectively analyzing and solving economic problems.
  • An appropriate level of communication skills to effectively disseminate research output and technical information, including the practical implications of research analyses.

Graduate students are expected to have developed self-learning abilities and to be able to apply critical and innovative thinking. Courses, assignments, seminars, the writing of a thesis based on original research ideas for degree and the comprehensive examination, are the means by which the program meets and verifies its objectives.

Admission Criterion: A candidate seeking admission to M.Phil. Economics program must:

  • have passed 16-year education with at least 65% marks in semester system and 50% marks in annual system of examination.
  • Have no 3rd division in his/her academic career.
  • Have passed the GAT/NTS general test or any other test as required by the University

Selection Criterion: A candidate shall be selected on the basis of cumulative merit to be determined from his/her past academic record and achievements in the written tests conducted by the Controller of Examinations and interview by Admission Committee of Department of Economics.

Degree Requirements: A student of M.Phil. Economics is required to complete 31 credit hours of study and have to pass comprehensive oral examination on S/U basis. A candidate who fulfills all the requirements prescribed in University calendar volume-II, Chapter 29, shall be awarded the degree.

Duration:                           03-08 Semesters