The GPB has given the task of promoting and strengthening the MUST graduates become job providers besides enabling them to compete the national and international job market with success.

Major Task:

One of the tasks is to prepare data of the MUST graduates.

Plan Outlines

Plan to find placements/ recruitments and jobs for the MUST graduates.

  • Developing data of graduates as per their expertise.
  • Contacting recruiting agents once a month by phone within the country.
  • Developing MUST-GPB website.
  • Signing MoUs with the recruiting agencies within the country and abroad, you never know what opportunities a recruitment agent will generate.
  • Creating CV of graduateson the university websites. Recruitment agents are always looking for good candidates. CV needs to be displayed through quality avenues and available options.
  • Updating of CV regularly with new experience and information. Additionally, make sure the recruitment agent is aware of the new details.
  • Work out a system that works for Graduates to their satisfaction. Finding a graduate job needn’t be a full-time job. Once first graduate founds job placement his/her name will struck off.

How do students get all that?

By registering with this Bureau, their search for a job will become easier as the bureau will facilitate their searching for the placements/ jobs through following sources:

  • Providing MUST Graduates with up-to-date job information:Careers advice from professionals/ HRMCouncillor and careers Councillor who understand the competitive nature of the graduates jobs market.
  • They will speak to a real person:Our consultants guide them right through the process, by introducing them to top employers, prepare them for interviews and help them secure placements/ jobs.
  • Information they will need:Graduate job advice, tips, industries profiles and of course graduate vacancies can be found on this website.

The GPB will also help graduates find provide information on student internships and placements in reputed organizations/ agencies.

  • Informing graduates about the opportunities in various fields as per their need and choice.