Sr. Name of the Statutory Body Date of Acquisition
1 Senate/Syndicate/BoG or Equivalent Body 28-Mar-13
2 Academic Council or Equivalent Body 28-Mar-13
3 Board of Advance Studies & Research (BASR) or Equivalent Body 28-Mar-13
4 Board of Faculty (BoF) or Equivalent Body 28-Mar-13
5 Board of Studies (BoS) or Equivalent Body 28-Mar-13
6 Finance & Planning Committee or Equivalent Body 4-Mar-15
7 Membership of Institution Scholarship Award Committee 13-May-15
8 Membership of HBL-Foundation Scholarship Management Committee 23-Nov-16
9 Board of Faculties 28-Apr-17
10 Membership of University Ranking Committee for Public and Private 7-Oct-16
11 MUST Affiliation Committee Membership 26-Jan-17
12 Membership of Institution Scholarship Award Committee 14-Oct-20
13 Membership of Departmental Council 6-Mar-20
14 Membership of Standing Selection Departmental Committee 22-Jan-20
15 Membership of Scrutiny Committee of MUST 29-Mar-21