Peace and Progress Journal of Kashmir Affairs

 Executive Editor ShahzadaMasoudulHassab Bukhari, Mirpur University of Science   and Technology (MUST) AJ&K Pakistan

ISSN: 2413-6123

Frequency: Semi-annually (2 issues per year)

Nature: Print

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Language of Publication: English

Peace and Progress is an international peer-reviewed journal published by Center for Peace and Progress (CPP), Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST), AJ&K , Pakistan. The peer-reviewed content of the journal ranges widely across the whole of International Relations and covers subjects and theories of interest to researchers around the world especially on Kashmir affairs. It publishes articles on contemporary world politics in South Asiawith special reference to Kashmir problem and related issues from a variety of methodologies and approaches. The journal seeks original manuscripts that provide theoretically informed empirical analyses of issues in Kashmir Affairs and Pakistan India relations, as well as original theoretical or conceptual analyses. The journal follows blind peer review process.

Peace and Progress provides an open forum for research publication that enhances the communication of concepts and ideas across theoretical, methodological, geographical and disciplinary boundaries. By emphasizing accessibility of content for scholars of all perspectives and approaches in the editorial and review process, Peace and Progress serves as a source for efforts at theoretical and methodological integration and deepening the conceptual debates throughout this rich and complex academic research tradition.

Editorial Board

Editorial Board of Peace and Progress


S/No Name Designation
1 ShahzadaMasoudul Hassan Bukhari Executive Editor
2 Kiran Saleem Associate Editor
3 AmbreenAftab Secretary Editorial Board
4 TahiraBatool Sub-Editor
5 Waqar-un-Nisa Sub-Editor