Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

The overall goal of the program is to prepare graduates with the potential for progression to clinical laboratory scientists and leadership as supervisors, manager, and educators. The primary goals of the program are:

  • To provide well-trained medical laboratory technologists to meet hospital and community needs
  • To provide sufficient didactic and technical information for the student to understand analytical processes, interpret analytical results and appreciate the clinical significance of analyses performed in a modern clinical laboratory
  • To develop in the student, the technical laboratory skills to perform manual and automated procedures with confidence and reliability
  • To provide instruction in laboratory instrumentation, quality control and quality assurance, laboratory management, research and educational methodology
  • To provide a stimulating atmosphere to encourage continuing education of clinical laboratory environment
  • To have the student achieve passing scores on external certification and licensure examinations
  • To develop flexibility to adapt to changing need, new procedures and new topics in clinical laboratory science practice