University Merit based Scholarship:

 Top 3- position holders or 5% students of each semester / class are awarded this scholarship @ Rs.6000/- per semester. More than 300- students are annually benefited against this programme.

University Need-Based Scholarships

50-60 scholarships are awarded from the academic year 2014 to the poor and needy newly admitted students of subsidized category in undergraduate programme. The scholarship is awarded according to the principles and procedures laid down by the HEC for Need Based Scholarship programme. The component of the scholarship is fixed as stipend @ Rs. 6000/- per semester or as determined by the University from time to time according to the availability of funds. This scholarship is granted for 1-2 semesters only or for whole duration of an academic programme as decided by the University.

Students-Guardians Insurance Scheme:

The University shall waive-off full or half tuition fee and grant      Rs. 5000/- per month as stipend to such students whose parents / guardians passes away (dies) during the educational period of the student provided the student apply for this financial assistance and declared as Deserving.

HEC Need Based Scholarships:

80-100 scholarships are being awarded annually to the impoverished and extremely needy fresh students admitted under subsidized category for full duration of study programme. The component of scholarship is (i) refund of full tuition fee and (ii) Rs. 6000/- per month as stipend. The detail of this scholarship is available at HEC website link http:// Inside HEC / Divisions/ HRD/ Scholarships/ NBS/ HNBS/ Pages/ Introduction Objectives.aspx

Pakistan Scottish Scholarship Scheme for Young Women:

10-15 scholarships are awarded to the young women pursuing postgraduate level studies and belong to disadvantaged backgrounds by the Scottish Government through British Council, Islamabad. The detail is available at website

HBL Foundation Scholarship Scheme:

60-65 scholarships are being awarded from the academic year 2015 to the deprived and low income students according to the rules & regulations notified by the University. The component of scholarship is stipend @ Rs. 6000-10000 per semester. The application form and detail of scholarship is available at University Website / HBL University Branch.

Prime Minister’s Fee Re-imbursement Scheme

Valid Only for Masters, MS/ M. Phil & PhD students

  1. Domicile holders of all districts of AJ&K/GB are eligible except students admitted under Regular category or part-time basis and belongs to unapproved regions.
  2. Actual tuition fee, admission fee, Lab & Lib fee, exams fee and registration fee shall be reimbursed to the students.
  3. The students can directly apply through HEC students service portal
  1. Prime Minister’s Laptop Scheme:
  2. All students are eligible securing 3.30 CGPA or 70% and above marks in last examination;
  3. The students can directly apply or update their profiles through HEC students service portal
  1. Numbers of other regular stipends/scholarships

The following organization / trusts and NGO’s are directly offering different amount of stipends / scholarships to the University students regularly. The students are advised to visit the websites/ offices of such organizations and apply directly through concerned HOD’s for scholarship.

  1. Pakistan Bait-ul-Mall
  2. Punjab Education Endowment Fund (PEEF)
  • Fouji Foundation
  1. Teachers Foundation grant for the childrens of Teachers only
  2. Benevolent Fund grant for the childrens of Government and University employees.
  3. Zakat Fund grant of AJK- Pakistan Government.
  • AJ&K Council Scholarship Scheme.
  • AJ&K State Talent Scholarship Scheme
  1. Gilgit Baltistan council Scholarship Scheme
  2. Institute of Electrical Engineers, Pakistan scholarship
  3. Pakistan Engineering Council, Islamabad Scholarships
  • Pakistan Engineering Congress Scholarships
  • ASHAI Trust Scholarship
  • Carmudi Scholarship

And so many others

B:           Programs under Considerations:

  1. Pak-USAID Merit & Need Based Scholarship Programme
  2. Pak-German Scholarship Programme
  3. MUST-Agha Khan Foundation Scholarship Programme
  4. MUST- Mansha Group of Companies scholarship Programme
  5. MUST- AKCC&I, AKTA Scholarship Programme
  6. President AJK/ Chancellor MUST Scholarship Programme