Driving License Management System

MUST & AJK Police has signed an agreement in which MUST committed to provide Driving License Management System and high quality printing services of Computerized Driving License cards (A Turnkey Solution). Furthermore, MUST Mirpur has arranged hardware and technical expertise related to the system. So far more than ten thousand computerized licenses have been printed for the general public of Districts Mirpur & Bhimber. MUST is also developing training manuals and will also explore the possibility of basic, intermediate and advanced traffic courses aimed at improving the theoretical knowledge of the potential drivers. This pioneering initiative will benefit the people of the two districts who expect better services from the Govt. of AJK. It will also serve as best practice for other districts of Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

Colleges & Employees Information System

On April 1st, 2015 MUST & Higher Education, Directorate of Colleges, Govt. of AJ&K has signed an agreement in which MUST committed to design and implement CEIS (Colleges & Employees Information System) Software/Web Application. The Software has been successfully implemented and delivered to Higher Education, Directorate of Colleges, Govt. of AJ&K.

 Running Projects (Private)

 MOU between MUST Mirpur AJ&K and Health Care 4 All International (HC4AI)

MUST Mirpur AJ&K have signed an MOU with Health Care 4 All International (HC4AI) for the proposed system named as “Novel Hybrid Telemedicine System of Health Care Delivery. It relies on telecommunication network as well as a network of trained Community Health workers connected by video link to remotely located Medical advice and active intervention. NTC, MUST Mirpur AJ&K ua providing technical services in the proposed system. To realize its vision HC4AI has started a pilot project in the villages of Mawa Rarra, District Mirpur in AJ&K, with an innovative and novel idea.

 Patronizing Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT) by MUST

WHEREAS the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s Public-Private Partnership initiative as approved by the cabinet on January 26, 2010 was directed at promoting health, education and information technology facilitation through the Public-Private Partnership agreements. At Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mirpur it is believed that the Public-Private Partnership in the region will play a major role in achieving this purpose through – strengthening student learning, involving the faculty and establishing campus-community partnerships i.e. Civic Engagement, Civic Development, and Higher Education. The Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mirpur also recognizes that individuals with ideas and inspiration are forces that help in capacity building for the civic mission of Higher Education. It is also believed that to concentrate on the public good, knowing that any progress we can make in revitalizing our communities will down the line redound to the private benefit of more youth, ensuring that we can educate the next generation of civic leaders of diverse background, professionals, citizens, and reconnect more people to this noble cause. In this sense, our efforts at a civic renewal of higher education—moving beyond our boundaries to engage in educational and scholarly partnerships in and with our communities, which will drive the solutions needed to reinstate healthy pathways of access and opportunity. Following the Prime Minister of Pakistan ‘s Public-Private Partnership initiative and to continue with this mission, Mirpur University of Science & Technology (MUST) Mirpur  signs this agreement with the Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust, (KORT) Mirpur, (Herein after referred to as MUST and KORT), in provision of Software Development and IT Consultancy Services to the KORT. The KORT is a UK based Registered Charity (Vide Charity No 1113836), which is also registered with AJK Council Secretariats Islamabad is currently providing 24/7 care for over 150 Orphan Children in Saif Plaza/Abid Plaza, Hall Road, Sector F/4, Mirpur Azad Kashmir. This act of Public-Private Partnership will play important role in strengthening the Civic role of both the Public and Private Institutions in the region on one hand, and enhancement of the tertiary and technical education on the other hand, besides the economic development of the area.