Department of Sociology seeks to provide a high-quality educational program for the undergraduates that helps them develop logical thinking and cultural sensitivity, and the understanding of human behavior in various societies. The key focus is on the interdisciplinary research and contribution to the theory in sociology. We strongly believe in the importance of producing thinkers, leaders, and innovators whose subsequent efforts will bring positive change in our society. We train the youth to bring forth the voice of Kashmir on international academic platforms as to represent the stance of Kashmir.


Sociology covers every aspect of human life. It equips the student with the skills to see the world systematically. The social environment is evolving rapidly to respond to new knowledge and information technologies related to the changing nature and complexity of our family, education, work, politics, mass media, public health systems and military. It is highly important to understand the society at first hand to change or maintain its order. To device a solution to a social problem, first step is to identify the problem. The capacity to maintain a research presence is essential to both the academic communities of science and arts to maintain high quality program particularly at the graduate level.

Mission statement

To grow as a leading academic and research institution for sociology in Azad Jammu & Kashmir to portray the voice of Kashmiris on international academic forums and in the promotion of a tolerant society.

Job Prospects

The services of sociologists extend to every field of human life. They can work in a range of public and private sector positions including broadcasting, the police service, health, education, NGOs, and civil services. They can also seek career in research organizations, print and electronic media, local government and multinational organizations, such as: UNDP, UNHCR, WHO, US-AID, APWA, and many other organizations which work in areas like, education, health, poverty, peace etc.