“To involve stakeholders in private support for Higher Education by building trustworthy relationships through meaningful interaction and convincing”.


On the direction of HEC the Students Financial Aid Office (SFAO) was established in Feb. 2013 through an executive order. The Senate of the University has approved its establishment in its 4th meeting notified vide no. F.2/senate (4-M) i-47/6346-86/2013 dated: 30-07-2013.



  1. Explore the donors, trustees, business enterprises, industries and alumni for the financial assistance / aid to the University and its students;
  2. Create awareness, build relationships with the society for philanthropic support to higher education.
  3. Raise the level of funding by creating multiple funding stream for sustainability and development of the University.
  4. Co-ordinate with all stake holders regarding the financial assistance /aid programmes.
  5. Execute / implement and operate the financial assistance Scheme(s)/ programmes of the Government / HEC / MUST and other donors.