The Department of Physics was established in September, 2009 with the objective to prepare students for academic and industrial careers at the forefront of science and technology in the country. The department offers M.Sc and M.Phil degrees. The contents of the taught courses represent a balance unify of both theoretical and practical knowledge with a view of feeding a skilled work to meet the modern standards of the country in the field of physics and technology. The Department has five teaching Laboratories, one each for Electronics, Solid State Physics, Nuclear Physics, Computational Physics and Modern Physics. The research is an integral part of the programs, for promoting a research culture in the country in general and the University in particular. In this connection, the department has also entered into collaboration and knowledge integration with a number of other universities and research institutes to carry out joint research projects. Apart from teaching laboratories the Department is also setting up some research laboratories reflecting an enthusiasm for developing and strengthening of research tradition in the University. In addition to these research facilities, the Department has a well-stocked library containing more than two thousand books on Physics and related subjects. These collections concentrate on the most current teaching and research interest and make available the background knowledge to those who are interested in making headway in their respective field of research. Moreover, the Department is also provided with Internet facility, which connects us with the rest of the world, and the students can access international journals and the digital libraries. This is aimed to provide opportunity to the student to keep abreast with latest development in their respective fields.


”The mission of the Department of Physics is to serve the country by educating the students enrolled in its courses and programs through quality teaching at the M.Sc and M.Phil levels. The main purpose of these two programs is to provide a firm grounding in theoretical and experimental foundation in the field of Physics. In particular, the department seeks to produce graduates who have strong analytical and critical thinking skills, dedication to lifelong learning, and the ability to communicate effectively.” Our vision is to make this department internationally recognized and ranked within the top tier of physics departments in public universities of comparable size.