Director Message

Taking the reins of MBS in this crucial hour is certainly a great challenge because the business world is experiencing an unprecedented shift in a squeezed time. Think globally and act locally holds no more true; new realities demand to think globally and act globally. Customers in the remotest and tiniest parts of the world are not isolated; they consider themselves members of a larger community; endlessly looking for cost-effective and quality solutions. Expectation betrayal is an unforgivable mistake in the eyes of customers. The ultimate responsibility of satisfying and retaining these customers rests with business professionals.

The programs at MBS present a 360-degree view of the requirements of the industry to handle these and other intricacies of the business world. To prepare students for the future, we at MBS account in both surfaced and un-surfaced realities of the market and train them accordingly since the cogent and clear would win this race. With Departments like Business Administration offering BBA, BS HRM, MBA (3.5) years, MBA 1.5 years, and MS in management sciences; Banking and Finance offering BS in Banking and Finance, Commerce offering BS in Commerce and Masters in Commerce, Tourism, and Hospitality offering BS in Tourism. Looking at market trends, a new BS program in Accounting and Finance is also in the offing. With accounting and finance degrees, students planning to study further can land in the camp of charted accountancy education with exciting exemptions. The key appeal for students to join MBS is more than the sheer breadth of these disciplines; the depth of faculty is a true distinguisher.

 The purpose of MBS department is to equip students with self-awareness, endurance, decisiveness, enthusiasm, integrity and up to date knowledge about the field of banking. The programs offered aim that our students will successfully utilize their flair in different fields of banking as well as develop individuals with outstanding managerial skills.

We have managed to attract students across the state of AJK, Gilgit Baltistan, and areas of Punjab and KPK geographically proximal to AJK. Apart from consolidating our position as a leading business education center by ensuring students continue to flock in beyond the premises of Mirpur Division. we are even vying for students of  Mirpur-origin diaspora which is largely an untapped market (though some students are already studying here). Increasing enrollment from students of diverse regions and backgrounds pronounce a judgment of trust and confidence in MBS. It never means we are complacent or we should be complacent. But the endeavors at MBS will certainly improve the “new business density” outlook in the places; students chose for a career. I’m sure you will find MBS a truly impressive place to enable you to hunt for great entrepreneurial or job opportunities. Course provides an overview of the world of business as well as enhance communication skills and administrative skills. It also provides an introduction to business terminologies, concepts, finance, and economics as they relate to business. So, I welcome you all to join and represent the brand MBS.

Dr. Zafar Iqbal

Director MBS


To become a leading business school in the region by producing quality graduates and entrepreneurs.


MBS will produce quality graduates and entrepreneurs equipped with soft skills. MUST Business School (MBS) aims to create a strong bond with regional educational institutions and local industry by promoting research activities.


  • To produce excellent research that helps both society and businesses.
  • To be an outstanding learning and teaching institution that produces employable students.
  • To build sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with the corporate world.
  • To develop national and international partnerships with likeminded institutions.
  • To inculcate a culture of continuous improvement based on international standards of excellence for business schools.
  • To promote innovation and team-work amongst our students and faculty members.

Job Prospects for Graduates

Our graduates have sound knowledge of business and management and they easily get jobs in small and medium sized industries, national and multinational companies, banks and national and international NGOs. The  graduates can also appear in  competitive examination e.g. Azad Kashmir Public Service Commission     and Federal Public Service Commissions for administrative and academic jobs.