Civil Engineering



1. Sensitivity Analysis of Design Variables of Flexible Pavement Design Equation in the AASHTO 1993 Design Guide
M Afzal, I Hafeez, B Zaidi, K Riaz, A Khitab, A Hayat, I Khan, U Farooqi, A Asif
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2. Concrete reinforced with 0.1 vol% of different synthetic fibers
A Khitab, MT Arshad, N Hussain, K Tariq, SMS Kazmi, MJ Munir
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3. Development of an Acid Resistant Concrete: A Review
A Khitab, MT Arshad, FM Awan, I Khan
International Journal of Sustainable Construction Engineering and Technology …


4. Influence of Time and Temperature on Asphalt Binders Rheological Properties
I Hafeez, J Hussain, K Riaz, A Khitab, S Hussain, B Zaidi, U Farooqi, A …
Life Science Journal 10 (12s)


5. A field study of environment degradation during road construction and its improvement due to sprinkling of water
I Hafeez, K Riaz, J Hussain, M Faisal, U Farooqi, S Hussain, A Khitab, M …
Life Science Journal 10 (12s)


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7. Comparison of Neat and Modified Asphalt Binders Using Rheological Parameters under Virgin, RTFO and PAV Aged condition
K Riaz, I Hafeez, A Khitab, M Hussain, F Ali, SZ Ashiq, MK Tariq, I Ahmed
Life Science Journal 10 (3)


 Conferences Proceedings:

1. Modelling of Chloride Diffusion through Concrete using Fick’s laws of Diffusion

A Khitab, MT Arshad, MJ Munir, SYS Kazmi,

Second Annual Computational Science Conference, Pakistan Society of Computational Sciences, Islamabad, October 23-25, 2013.

2. Evaluation of Locally Manufactured Concrete Against Acid Attack

A Khitab, FM Awan, MT Arshad,

International Symposium on Advanced Materials Pakistan (ISAMPaK-2013), Islamabad, September 2013.

3. Modeling for prediction of chloride penetration in concrete: Classical and multispecies approaches

A Khitab, FM Awan, MT Arshad, I Mehmood, I Khan,

Abasyn International Conference on Technology and Business Management (AICTBM 2013)

May 2013.



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Home Economics

Mrs. Nazish Zulfiqar   published her paper on the topic Emerging Dietary Pattern of Children under five years in 2010.



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