Department of Home Economics is the only institute of its kind in Azad Kashmir. It is situated at Mirpur, a beautiful plateau of Azad Kashmir. The College of Home Economics was established in 1981 under the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, in 2009 Home Economics College  merged into newly established university; the MUST. Over the year, home economists in Pakistan have contributed significantly to strengthening programs aimed at women, families, and children , increasing understanding and appreciation of other cultures, improving public health, and the process of introducing change.

 Mission statement:

  • To emphasize the social, economic and environmental impact of management of every day life of individual , families and house hold.
  • To conduct research in areas relevant to the Home Economics


Department of Home Economics is committed in providing excellent educational programs to emphasize the social, economic & environmental impact of management of everyday life of individual, families  & community .

Jobs prospective for graduates: 

Our graduates have sound knowledge of home economics & they easily get jobs as:

Nutritionist , dietitian , hotel managers, industry managers, food quality control manager , caterers, fashion designer, job in boutiques, owner of home industry, social mobilizes, Montessori teachers, head of child care centers, event manager, painters, interior designers, furniture designers, artist, calligrapher& creative editor.