The Department of English, Mirpur University of science & technology, commenced its classes at Bhimber campus in 2009. Since its establishment, the department has strived to achieve and maintain a standard of excellence. Mainly, it has focused on the quality of teaching and the development of communicative, literary, critical & creative skills of the students. The department offers the Masters in Language & Literature and BS in English. It is two-year degree program with equal emphasis on English Language & literature and BS in English is four years degree program.  The aim of these program is to promote broader vision through an interdisciplinary approach. The faculty members are a rich blend of youth and experience. The department intends to offer more courses in future to cater to the needs of the students. It not only refines the literary, creative & linguistic skills of its own students but also carries on the conventions as a facilitator to other departments at the Main campus.

Message by coordinator

Welcome to the growing and dynamic department of English at Bhimber campus. Department of English serves as a platform for the potential graduates in literature and linguistics. Literature is the reflection of a society expressed through variety of genres of its kind. It provides a fine analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the contemporary society in order to guide its development. Literature serves critical role in social development that encourages values and norms that bind society in a harmonious manner with a delicate sense of aesthetics. Linguistics focuses on the study of language that explores the development and use of language in context. Communication is at the core of personal, professional, and social roles. Linguistics equips with the necessary tools and techniques to share ideas efficiently and effectively. Creative and communicative aspects of the graduates are polished besides inculcating the necessary value of civic responsibility. The department aims to provide graduates with academic accomplishment and personal development.