Tourism and Hospitality is a challenging and dynamic industry offering a wide range of exciting employment opportunities. Our BS Tourism and Hospitality Management program combines study of these sectors to open the doors to a variety of career paths, from resort and attractions management to tour operations, travel consultancy and tourism department.


School of Hospitality & Tourism Studies is dedicated to imparting quality higher education & training in the field of hospitality management, to prepare globally competitive managers & professionals for international hospitality industry.

To develop future generations of global hospitality and tourism leaders representing all industry segments in the hospitality capital of the world, through innovative academic programs, cutting-edge research and strong industry and community partnerships.

The Department of Tourism and Hospitality will fulfill the growing needs of trained manpower, provide opportunities to the students to equip themselves with tourism knowledge and training and be able to render their services in protection and conservation of the tourism of AJ&K / Pakistan.


The department strives to become a model of excellence for high quality education program in areas of Hospitality and Tourism. To continue to be a premium, regional provider of Hospitality and Tourism education by emphasizing a contemporary curriculum, experiential learning and stakeholder engagement in a nurturing, student-focused environment.

Department of Tourism and Hospitality at a Glance:

The Department of Tourism and Hospitality  was establish in 2018 in the MUST Pallandri Campus (AJK), as an effort to develop an educational program that prepare young generation with the knowledge, skills and attitude that will help them to be more effective and skillful towards society and environment. Tourism and Hospitality education is therefore has special emphasis and importance as a stream of arts learning besides importing knowledge on IT and arts, is fully established and being run successfully. Department of Tourism and Hospitality has great potential to expand and proliferate in diverse fields which are of great relevance to the present and future need of the era.


  1. Students will demonstrate broad knowledge of and proficiency in the core functional and support areas of tourism and hospitality business.
  2. To prepare qualified and trained personnel to work in the sector of tourism and hospitality.
  3. To introduce the history and development of the tourism industry and its importance in the world.
  4. Ability to understand and expose the economic importance of tourism and hospitality industry.
  5. To develop legend professionals by nurturing and polishing the talent of students through national and international collaborations
  6. Contributing towards emerging new segments in the sector of tourism and hospitality.
  7. Understanding rules and legislations which govern the industry of tourism and hospitality.
  8. The ability of utilization of information technology used in the industry of tourism and hospitality.
  9. Students will incorporate an understanding of ethical, social, and legal issues in reaching business-related decisions.