Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering Department is currently working on following research project under the supervision of Dr. Khuram Pervez.

Project 1 :
Benchmarking the energy consumption of Pakistan HE buildings.
Dr. Khuram Pervez
Engr. Syed Kashif Hussain
Engr. Waqas Arshad

Project 2:
Heat transfer through internal fins.
Dr. Khuram Pervez
Engr. Ghulam Qadir Ch.
Engr. Nasir Ahmed Mian

Project 3:
Benchmarking the energy consumption of hotel sector in Pakistan.
Dr. Khuram Pervez
Engr. Naveed Akram
Engr. Amir Gulnawaz

Project 4:
Investigating the effect of improved convection heat transfer on the brake life.
Dr. Khuram Pervez
Engr. Kamran Afzal
Engr. Imdad Hussain

Project 5:
Performance Characteristics of thrust bearing of 100MWe hydro turbine.
Dr. Khuram Pervez
Engr. Faraz Ikram
Engr. Waqas Arshad
Engr Noman Bashir.

Civil Engineering

List of Research Projects Successfully Completed

  • Fiber Reinforced Concrete.
  • Identification and Analysis of Road Accidents and Black Spots on N-5 Section from Kharian to T-Chowke Islamabad.
  • Assessment of Traffic Safety Issues due to auto Rickshaws in Mirpur Azad Kashmir.
  • Cost Estimating and Scheduling of Multi storey Building.
  • Quality Analysis of water of Mirpur Azad Kashmir.
  • Skid resistance of aggregates from different quarries of Pakistan and Azad Kashmir.
  • Computer Aided Seepage Analysis of Sukain Dyke.
  • Analysis of Multi Storey Building using ETABS.
  • Evaluation of locally manufactured silica concrete through destructive and non destructive testing.
  • Computer Aided Analysis and Manual Design and detailing of a multi storey building in Mirpur Azad Kashmir.
  • Rutting Resistance of Flexible Pavement using different Asphaltic materials at varying Temperature.
  • Water supply pipe line design.
  • Development of sediment load estimation models in upper Indus basin using artificial Neural networking techniques.
  • Foundation design of 20MW Rasul Hydropower Project.