Dean's Message:

I would be pleased to welcome you by taking the challenge of becoming an aspiring student of Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FE&T). The faculty of engineering and technology was established in 1980 and laid the foundation of MUST in 2009. The FE&T presents the colors of dynamic people with leading edge ideas and who are ready to work in highly practical, rigorous and challenging environment. There are 50+ advanced and world class laboratories for engineering education along with modern classrooms. We are blessed with highly qualified PhD faculty members from technological advanced countries like USA, European Union, South Korea, Japan, Australia, UK and many more.  Being Muslims, we take pride and reflect the real essence in the syllabi of different degree programs. The international image of our program is reflected through its amalgam of best professional approach, CVs of highly qualified faculty and lab engineers, communication skills, ethical values, moral and social trainings and industrial linkages to academia. Our Alumni are the clear evidence of the international image of FE&T at MUST.

The curricula in different programs of engineering at FE&T involve creative learning, hands on implementation in labs and combination of research. Alongside the theme of theory and practice, there is an inspiration for research-led-teaching. All the programs of FE&T are based on industrial projects and originality of ideas. The faculty is young and energetic with five departments and is envisaged to grow as a major modern center of excellence for engineering education and research. We have already been placed among the most dynamic, fastest growing and excelled faculties in engineering sciences in the country and our programs are accredited at Level-II (OBE) by Pakistan Engineering Council.

The faculty endeavors to grow into new programs like Biomedical Engineering Technology, Energy Engineering, Information Engineering Technology, the Cyber Security Engineering in near future. Over the course of next few years, we are hopeful to continue the process of self-evaluation, renewal and growth of both our academic programs, staff and infrastructure.  I hope between our students we may have someone like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, Elon Musk of Telsa or Nobel prize winners like Adre Geim Electronic Engineer Koichi Tanaka, Electrical Engineer Sir Charles Kuen Kao, Civil Engineer Paul Jozef Crutzen, Mechanical Engineer Dan Shechtman.  We highlight the knowledge curve through “Learn by Doing It”.

Prof. Dr. Naeem Ratyal

Dean Faculty of Engineering & Technology

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