The Department of Zoology is one of the most active departments in the Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST), involving study of organisms and their genetic, morphological and physiological attributes, environmental features, and role in conservation of environment. Humans have created a rapidly-changing world to which animals have had to adapt. Understanding the amazing diversity of animals that share our planet helps us to understand our origin, as well as predict future evolution. Zoology is a combination of various disciplines such as Biochemistry, Developmental Biology, Ecology, Biotechnology, Genetics, Immunology, Cell and Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Plasma Biology, Physiology, Parasitology and Wildlife. These subjects have significant role in human resource development, food security, environmental conservation, sustainable development and ultimately in alleviation of poverty. The department has a unique feature of degree programs, since it presents a balanced blend of the classical as well as modern trends of the new era. Every discipline has a unique importance in its place, for example microbiology represents the basic and advance knowledge of microorganisms, Biotechnology and molecular genetics are emerging broad fields that employ an industrial technology on the biological synthesis of important compound specially proteins, genetic engineering to understand the molecular mechanisms of various genetic disorders. Our environment plays a key role in maintaining good health to keep it free from pollution caused by industrial effluent.
The Department of Zoology has well equipped laboratories where practical exposure to strengthen the theoretical knowledge is provided. In addition to central library students have free access to departmental library which has wide collection of reference books, journals and relevant reading materials.
Apart from class studies department encourages and facilitates the students for research surveys, trips and zoo visits. We have student counseling and discipline committees to assist our students during their stay in department and to provide them guidelines after graduation to achieve their goals.


To be a top department in the university in capacity building of the students through high quality education and research dealing with local, regional and global needs and enabling them to contribute prolifically to the welfare of the society.


1. Department aims to provide a conducive environment for teaching and research activities.
2. The overarching goal of the Department of Zoology is enabling students through contextual learning and analytical skills to cope with the contemporary challenges in the field of zoology.
3. Department starves to inculcate high moral values, professionalism and broad communication skills in the students and making them valuable addition to the society.


1. Development of a vibrant and sound teaching system based on the experience and vision gathered from world reviews, literature, innovations, proceedings, symposia etc.
2. Designing and persistently updating the curricula to provide a wide comprehension in major fields of zoology including core, elective and special courses.
3. Establishment of well-equipped teaching and research laboratories depending on the available resources, maintaining a high level of scientific excellence in teaching, research, theses and publications.
4. To focus on emerging research problems relevant to national and global.
5. To inculcate ethical values in students, community-based and outreach activities to a possible extent for the betterment of the nation.


A Zoology graduate after BS, M. Sc. or M. Phil has a diverse experience and competence for employment or for further training, and some of the opportunities include teaching and research in universities, colleges and biological institutes, medical research, environmental protection, biological conservation, wildlife, aquaculture, marine biology, crop protection, museums and research centers.