Message from Chairperson

Software Engineering is the most flourishing department at Mirpur University of Science and Technology. The department aspires to provide students with the in demand skills of the industry, so that they can excel in their professions. The department is committed to achieve excellence in teaching and inculcating confidence in students. The principle goal is to engage students in the latest technologies and skills by exposing them to the committed faculty and well equipped labs. Our motivation is to nurture their technical and leadership skills. The Department of Software Engineering is offering MS program from Fall 2019 which will enhance the research and development capacity of the university.


Department of Software Engineering is actively engaged in disseminating software engineering education for the since 2006. The department of Software Engineering at MUST takes pride in being one of the highest-ranking departments of the university. We aim to impart quality education to prepare the students with the latest emerging fields in the subject of software engineering.

The Department is committed to produce young entrepreneur for career in Software Project management and Software development and integration. Software Engineering department covers wide domains such as software development, data bases, Computer Graphics, Networking and web developing etc. Their foundation is such that they can be life-long learners due to the department’s strong emphasis on promoting research in the emerging fields such as artificial intelligence, robotics, machine learning, big data etc. at both undergraduate and graduate level. Our graduates are well perceived and sought after by the industry where they have been successful in securing suitable positions. The department is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories. These labs are always accessible by both students and the faculty and they are also linked through the state-of-the-art network environment.

  • Analysis & Design Lab
  • Development & Testing Lab
  • General Programming Lab
  • Electronics Lab

Arfa Karim Research lab has also been established whose aim is to promote research culture among students and faculty.

Job Prospects for Graduates

On completion of degree, successful students have a wide range of options to embark their career as System Analysts, IT Managers or Software Developers. Graduates of the department have proved themselves as Software Engineers, Web-developers, and System Administrators. On successful completion of graduation students are eligible to apply for Masters/Post Graduate programs.