List of Affiliated Colleges

Name of Affiliated College & Address
Approved Programs
1 Govt. Post Graduate College, Bhimber AJK. Government. Bhimber City B.A ,B.Sc ,B.Com,
BS Economics & English
2 Govt. Girls Degree College, Sokasan, Distt. Bhimber Government. Sokasan B.A
3 Khan Muhammad Khan College of Education & Technology, Bhimber, AJK. Private Bhimber City ADE, M.A Education and
M.Sc. Sports Science & Physical Education
(Annual System)
4 Read Foundation College, Bhimber AJK. Private Bhimber City B.A, B.Sc.
5 Punjab College, Bhimber Private Bhimber City B.A, B.Sc., B.Com, BBA,
BS (Chemistry, Mathematics, English)
6 Al- Samad Degree and Education College, Bhimber A.K Private Bhimber City B.A, B.Com, ADE, M.A Education
(Annual System)
7 Kashmir Zamindar Commerce College, Bhimber Private Bhimber City B.Com
8 Govt. Boys Degree College Barnala, Bhimber, AJK. Government. Bernala Bhimber B.A.
9 Dawn Science College Barnala, Bhimber, AJK. Private Bernala Bhimber B.A, B.Sc.
10 Tameer-e-Millat Model College Kot-Jamal, Bhimber, AJK. Private Kot Jamel, Bhimber B.A, B.Sc., B.Com
11 Govt. Girls Degree College Samahni, Bhimber, AJK. Government. Samahni City B.A.
12 Govt. Boys Degree College Samahni, Bhimber, AJK. Government. Samahni City B.A.
13 Read Foundation College, Smahni AJK. Private Samahni City B.Sc.
14 The Innovators School and College Samahni Private Samahni City B.Sc.
15 Greeen Model College, Chowki Samahni Private Chowki Samahni B.A, B.Sc. B.Com
16 Unique Model College, Jandala Samhani Private Jandala Samhani B.A, B.Com
17 Govt. Girls Degree College, New City Mirpur Government. Mirpur A.K B.A ,B.Sc
18 Govt. Post Graduate College for Boys, Mirpur AJK. Government. Mirpur A.K B.A,B.Sc,BBA,B.Com,BS(English, Botany, Physics, Chemistry)
4-Years,M.A English, Urdu , M.Sc.  Economics,  M.Sc. Sports Sciences and Physical Education
19 Ghazi Ellahi Baksh Girls Degree College, Mirpur Government. Mirpur A.K BS Mathematics, Chemistry, Economics & Botany
20 Govt. Degree College for women Thothal Government. Mirpur A.K BS Islamic Studies, Mathematics & Economics
21 Hi-Tech Engineering College, Mirpur, AJK Private Mirpur A.K B.Sc Electrical & Civil Technology (4-Years) allowed for only Existing Sessions:2015-19, 2017-21.
22 Kings International College, Mirpur AJK Private Mirpur A.K BBA, B.Com, BS(CS), BS(IT)
23 Punjab College Mirpur Private Mirpur A.K Only Existing Sessions renewed
No Further admissions in B.Com(2017-18) & BBA (2016-20) Deaffiliated for New Sessions
24 The Al-Sufah Institute of Modern Sciences, Jatlan Private Jatlan B.A, B.Com
25 Govt. College of Education, Afzal Pur, Mirpur AJK Government. Afzal Pur, Mirpur BS Mathematics, B.Ed (Elementary 4 Years), B.Ed (2.5),
BS.Ed (4Years), B.Ed(1.5 Years)
26 Govt. Boys Degree College Afzalpur Government. Afzal Pur, Mirpur B.A, B.Sc. , BS  English
27 Govt. Girls Inter College Mangla Hamlet, Mirpur, AJK. Government. Mangla Mirpur B.A
28 Govt. Girls Science Degree College, Charhoi Government. Charhoi B.A, B.Sc.
29 Govt. Boys Degree College, Charhoi Government. Charhoi B.A, B.Com, BS (English, Economics & Islamic Studies)
30 Urooj Model College Charhoi, Kotli, AJK. Private Charhoi B.Sc., B.A, B.Com, MA Islamic Studies and Economics
31 Govt. Boys Degree College Khoiratta, Distt. Kotli. Government. Khoiratta B.A, B.Sc, B.Com.,
BS (English, Mathematics, Botany and Economics)
32 Modern Iqra College of Science Teh. Khoiratta Distt. Kotli, AJK. Private Khoiratta B.A, B.Sc,
33 Holly Public School & College Khoiratta, Kotli, AJK Private Khoiratta B.A, B.Sc,
34 Pasban Science College, Khoiratta Distt. Kotli Private Khoiratta B.A, B.Com
35 National Science College Seri, Tehsil Koiratta Distt. Kotli, AJK. Private Seri Khoiratta B.A
36 Punjab College, Kotli Private Kotli BSCS(2017-21), BS Biotechnology (2017-21), BS English (2017-21), BBA (2017-21), BS Civil Technology (2017-21),
B.Com (2018-20)
37 Leads Group of Schools & Colleges By pass road, Kotli Private Kotli B.A, B.Com
38 Govt. Boys Degree College, Dadyal Government. Dadyal B.A, B.Sc., B.Com
39 Higher Education College, Dadyal Private Dadyal B.A, M.A English, M.Sc. Economics and M.A Islamic Studies
40 Govt. Boys Degree College, Chakswari AJK. Government. Chakswari B.A ,B.Sc, B.Com.
41 Govt. Girls Degree College, Chakswari Government. Chakswari B.A, B.Sc., B.Com
42 Govt. Boys Degree College, Islamgarh Government. Islamgarh B.A, B.Sc., BS (Islamic Studies & Economics)
43 Govt. Degree College for Women, Islamgarh Government. Islamgarh B.A, B.Sc., BS (Islamic Studies & Economics)
44 Govt. Girls Inter College Thathi, Kasgumma Government. Thathi Kasgumma B.A
45 Superior College, Muzaffarabad
(Ex-Punjab College, Muzaffarabad)
Private Muzaffarabad BS Biotechnology (2016-20)BSCS BBA (Semester System), BS English (Semester System)
46 Trends Setter College of Technical Education & Vocational Training, Muzaffarabad Private Muzaffarabad B.Sc. Civil & Electrical Engineering Technology
47 The Muslim Education System, Abbottabad Private Abbottabad B.Sc. Civil & Electrical Engineering Technology only for Existing Session: 2015-19