Welcome to the Department of Allied Health Sciences at Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mirpur. This is a pristine enterprise through which we intend to develop outstanding human resources in diverse areas of health sciences. The objective of the department is to prepare Allied Health Professionals who can work efficiently to provide patient-centered Allied Health services for the community. We suppose our graduates to be hard-working, honest, and up-to-date professionals who show compassion for the human condition and will leave lasting footprints on our society.

To encounter imminent challenges, a conducive environment is provided to our students to effectively steer through a rigorous set of theory and laboratory based courses. Currently, the department is offering following two programs:

  • BS Medical Lab Technology (BS MLT)
  • BS Surgical & Operation Theater Technology (BS S & OTT)

The curriculum is designed keeping in view the personality development and academic excellence of the students and as per the requirements of national and international standards.

Evidently, our outgoing Health Professionals would be an asset in the field of laboratory testing and providing valid data to the physicians for utilization in diagnostic and decision-making process.

We welcome you to become a part of the DAHS where you will be trained as Allied Health Professionals to play a key role in curing the fractures in society through progressiveness, kindness, and restful coexistence. We look forward to developing new programs, new collaborations, and strengthen prevailing relationships. We invite you to join DAHS to pursuit your future dreams in the peaceful and soothing environment of Mirpur University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Sumaira Iram Khan


BS-Medical Lab Technology and BS-Surgical & Operation Theatre Technology

BS MLT and BS S&OTT are biology/chemistry-based bachelor degree programs that prepare students for exciting, challenging, and dynamic careers in places such as hospital labs and clinics, emergency centers, the operating theatres, ICUs, forensic labs, veterinary clinics, industrial research labs and molecular biotechnology labs. Professionals in these fields are capable of analyzing blood, urine, tissue, and other body specimens. These test results play an important role in the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of disease. Laboratory scientists are in high demand. Thus, with future growth predicted to be above average for all professions, laboratory science provides solid job security.

Program Vision

“Better health through state-of-the-art diagnostics”

 Program Mission

“To provide quality didactic and latest scientific technology based approaches for establishing

affective domains of learning at graduate level. MUST seek professional development that have the best of both worlds i.e. medicine and science. Exposure of operating complex electronic equipment, precision instruments and be trained to identify various pathogens and human cells using microscopes and a battery of scientific methods will enable physicians to rely over their knowledge and skills in areas of scientific exploration including immunology, microbiology, hematology, chemistry and transfusion medicine.”

Scope of BS MLT

MLT Graduates will be able analyze and examine blood, urine, body fluids and tissue samples by utilizing cell counters, microscopes, and other lab equipment in public and private hospitals. They can avail opportunities to opt for diverse jobs such as medical technologist, respiratory therapist, medical technician, and pharmacy technician etc.

Scope of BS S&OTT

S&OTT Graduates will be able to start a challenging career in private and public sector testing laboratories, hospitals, and emergency centers. They will find workplace in intensive care units, the operating theatres, and emergency units of hospitals.  Furthermore, they will be able to join the field of education, research, and training.

Admission Criteria:

F.Sc. (Pre-medical) or equivalent with minimum 60% marks.