Welcome to the emerging Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics (DHND) at Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mirpur. Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics MUST is committed to improve health and wellbeing of humans through an adequate nutrition, balanced food, and vigorous lifestyle.  We are striving hard to accomplish this all through a wide range of enterprises converging on nutritional biochemistry, food technology, nutritional epidemiology, clinical nutrition, and public health. The department offers program that provides both theoretical as well as practical framework to understand the essentials of nutrition for the comprehensive execution of dietary strategies at national and international level. We are determined to preparing graduates for outstanding professional careers at all levels.  The offered degree program will play a significant role to develop a thorough understanding of essentials of nutritional science accompanied by practical training regarding the diet and health. This thorough understating will support knowing and analyzing the factors that affect nutrition at micro to macro levels.

In DHND, the students benefit from laboratories equipped with contemporary facilities. The laboratories have been designed to provide enough space for around 50 students to receive instructions at the same time. Students are also given the privilege of benefitting from the central Library which is equipped with modern facilities, equipment, and databases. Mirpur University of Science and Technology also provides diverse recreational opportunities such as cultural, social, and sports activities for our students.

Our graduates will be able to resolve nutritional problems, plan healthy nourishment, and organize dietary treatments. Dieticians will be able to work in diverse units of hospitals such as cardiology, oncology, genecology, infants, children, and adults. Ministries of Agriculture and Health, and other health institutions are working with nutrition experts and our graduates will also be able to work in those collaborations. We invite students to join DHND, MUST to learn and contribute for making the world a better living place.

Dr. Sumaira Iram Khan


B.S. Human Nutrition & Dietetics

Human nutrition encompasses an extremely broad range of medical, social, commercial, and ethical domains and thus represents a wide, interdisciplinary scientific and cultural discipline. MUST has realized high prevalence of both disease-related malnutrition and overweight/obesity problems in community of underdeveloped region of Kashmir & Pakistan. In order to contribute towards vital segment of Health, Mirpur University of Science & Technology (MUST) has opted as academic responsibility to initiate new horizons of knowledge in Human Nutrition & Dietetics thus addressing important risk factors for disease burden and mortality worldwide.

Program Vision

“Better health through judicious intake of food”

Program Mission

To serve the community through promoting academically and culturally diverse environment based on improved nutrition status through judicious intake of food; thus increased awareness about improved food choices at national as well as international levels.

Degree Requirements: 

F.Sc. (Pre-medical) or equivalent with 60% minimum marks