Coordinator’s Message

On this new academic year, I warmly welcome to our prospective students here to the Department of English at Mirpur University of Science & Technology (MUST).I believe that university education is beyond the classroom or textbooks therefore our courses offered are designed to impart key skills – thinking critically, communicating persuasively, and appreciating the people and culture through language and literature. We aim to prepare our students for success in the workplace and in life. We have the qualified and devoted faculty and we are continuously expanding as per the requirement. We are committed to developing and supporting a new generation of academic leadership. In the coming years we are focused on expanding of our programs by offering MPhil and PhD. We believe that World has become the global village and language plays a role of bridge. We are launching institute of languages as an off shoot of Department of English in which we will offer different world languages, for instance Arabic, Chinese, German and Turkish at first stage. This will provide wider opportunities to all the students and community to widen the horizons and prospects for students to venture new avenues. I believe that this department will prove as one of the best choices for the batch of 2021.

                                                                                                                                              Dr. Sehrish Shafi



The Department of English is located on DC Road adjacent to Girls Degree College in district Bhimber, Azad Kashmir. The department seeks to promote the university’s mission to encourage freedom of inquiry to inculcate wisdom through experience, the pursuit of virtue and compassion for community through language skills to interact with different communities around the world and to explore world’s literature combining tradition with innovation. The department is constantly updating courses and teaching methods in line with the latest advances in the field. We offer large variety of courses in all areas and aspects of literature and language in English on undergraduate level. The courses, being offered are designed to encourage students to think in a creative way to nurture their critical faculty of mind by development of an extensive understanding of key literary & linguistic concepts.

The main feature of our courses being offered in our department is for combining literature and language as per HEC guidelines. Students can study Pakistani writers as well as American and post-colonial literatures alongside British literatures throughout. The courses offered in literature are designed in a way that they cover all genres and periods as well as the more traditional genres of poetry, prose, and drama. Likewise, in language and linguistics we offer range of courses which cover general as well as applied linguistic and usage of language in context to build the linguistic and cultural competence among our students to understand how language works and how societies communicate. Besides, running its full–time program of BS English Language and Literature, the department feels privilege to facilitate all other departments of the MUST by offering interdisciplinary courses of English. The Department of English promotes a vibrant research culture with a commitment to embrace the progressive research and reinforcing existing thought patterns.

Job Opportunities

The graduates of the Department of English are highly employable and are targeted by print and electronic media and NGOs. Most of our graduates appear in Competitive examinations and secure high profile jobs such as Foreign Service, District Management Groups, etc. Some of the graduates get teaching jobs in colleges through Public Service Commission or in the Universities. The students of language and literature are also more likely to find jobs as content writers, quality assurance analyst, translators and interpreters. The Department is also trying to create linkages with many local schools and colleges to facilitate its graduates.