The Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mirpur was established in 2009 by up-grading Mirpur Campus of the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (UAJK), Muzaffarabad. With the inception of the UAJK in 1980, the College of Engineering and Technology, the College of Home Economics and Institute of Islamic Studies were established as its constituent colleges and institute. The University College of Engineering and Technology and Institute of Islamic Studies were established in the premises of the then Government College for Boys, Mirpur while the University College of Home Economics was established in the premises of the Government College for Girls, Mirpur. The two colleges and the institute continued imparting education in the field of Electrical Engineering, Home Economics, and Islamic Studies till 2001 as part of the UAJK. Later, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Computer Science and IT were also added to the system under the faculty of engineering and technology and faculty of science, respectively. The institution continued working under the UAJK till up-gradation of the UAJK campus into Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST), Mirpur in 2009. The two campuses of the MUST are situated on Allama Iqbal Road, Mirpur. About 5000 kanal land was allotted to the new University on Mirpur-Bhimber Road, 12 km from the city.

With the inception of the new University three new faculties and departments/ institutes and schools were established. The current details of the faculties and departments/ institutes and schools are as under:-

Faculty of Engineering

  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Computer Systems Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Department of Mechanical Engineering
  • Department of Software Engineering

Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences

  • Department of Biotechnology
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Computer Science & Information Technology (CSIT)
  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Zoology
  • Department of Environmental Sciences
  • Department of Forestry (Pallandri Campus)

Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities

  • Department of Education
  • Department of Home Economics
  • Department of Institute of Islamic Studies
  • Department of LAW
  • Department of International Relations
  • Deparment of Sociology
  • Department of Mass Communication
  • Department of Tourism & Hospitality (Pallandri Campus)

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

  • Department of Pharmacy
  • Department of Physiotherapy
  • Department of Allied Health Sciences
  • Department of Human Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Department of Emergency & Intensive Care Sciences
  • Department of Cardiovascular Technology
  • Department of Surgical & Operation Theater Technology
  • AKSON College of Pharmacy

MUST Business School

  • Department of Business Administration
  • Department of Commerce
  • Department of Banking & Finance

Mirpur Institute of Technology (MIT)

  • Architecture Engineering Technology
  • Civil Engineering Technology
  • Electrical Engineering Technology
  • Biomedical Engineering Technology
  • Information Engineering Technology

At present, University runs 71-degree programs, BS, MS, and Ph.D. The enrollment of the University gone up from 1300 in 2009 to 5500 in 2015 and current more than 7000 in 2022. Meanwhile, infrastructure facilities improved considerably. Similarly, quality of faculty, academic and research facilities also improved. The University ranked “W” in the QEC rating of the HEC in 2015. The mega project of the University was approved by the ECNEC in 2011. The University acquired about 5000 kanal of land for the establishment of the University at the Mirpur-Bhimber Road, 12 kms from the Mirpur City. The construction of Administration buildings, academic blocks, hostels for faculty and students will be built at the new site. The construction work has already been started. All efforts are being made to complete the construction of the proposed buildings in near future. New buildings of the Department of Electrical Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of CS&IT, Department of Computer System Engineering, Department of Software Engineering and Department of Home Economics have been completed and the departments are functioning in the new buildings. Two hostel buildings for boys and one for girls have also been completed. The quality of faculty improved considerably. Currently we have got 99 PhD faculty members. Another PC-I for the construction of Library, Cafeteria and Mosque at the city campus was approved by the CDWP in 2017 and are functional now. The University will continue introducing new disciplines as and when required.

The University launched its products and invited local community and Kashmiri diaspora in the west to contributing to the development of the University through the University products. The University has also established its Quality Enhancement Cell for ensuring the quality of the degree programs through measurable standards. The Students Financial Aid Office has also been established for students’ scholarships and support management. Similarly, the Graduates Placement Bureau has also been established for helping students securing placements at the national level and abroad. The University has diversified its financial resources by creating the facilities for material testing, software development and consultancy. The University has signed several MoUs with national and foreign universities, research organizations directed at developing academic and research collaborations. To this effect the university is providing services to the AJK Police and Department of Education (Colleges) besides the private organizations. The University witnessed tremendous progress in short span of time and working to the satisfaction of all stakeholders. The businesses and procedures of the University have been institutionalized to ensure efficient and transparent delivery system. Co-curricular activities have been resurrected to encourage students take part in activities of their choice. Students Councils, Societies and Clubs have been formed at the university and departmental levels. The sports facilities have been enhanced to the satisfaction of students. Culture of community services is created in the University and students are involved in the services. The faculty members are required to display human values of highest level so that students also learn and display the same in their academic life and later in the practical life. Every effort is being made to ensure students earn degree and carry it on their shoulders to enable them to face the challenges in a competitive world with honor and dignity. We expect alumni of the University to win the world and promote their Alma Mater and also contribute to University development through all possible means.