Message from Chairman

I am delighted to introduce you to the Department of Law, where studying law will engage you in a dynamic learning experience and provide you with high quality, well-regarded degree.

Department of Law is one of the premier institutions imparting legal education, which has, within a short period, carved its name as an institution that provides unparalleled learning opportunities for its students. We are known to provide a highly inspiring and supportive environment in which to study law and to develop as a confident young professional.

I hope that you find the information in this prospectus a useful starting point for exploring a degree with us.

                                                 (Justice Muhammad Younas Tahir, Chairman)


We all know that studying Law is very important to make a peaceful and problem-free society. Law is something that humanity has created to modulate society by introducing justice, fairness, and equality. Law gives protection to the victims and punishes those who do unlawful actions. The study of law promotes awareness among the masses to respect and understand the rule of law.

The Department of Law was established in 2010 and it offers 5-years B.A.LLB degree program to undergraduates once a year. Department of Law follows the curriculum approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as per the recommendation of the Curriculum Revision Committee. The Department of Law follows all the standards as laid down in the Rules and instructions/directions issued by the Pakistan Bar Council and Azad Jammu & Kashmir Bar Council from time to time in respect of legal education and implementing, in letter and spirit, and the instructions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of Pakistan contained in its Judgement dated 31-08-2018 passed in Const. Petition No. 134/2012. The Department of Law endeavors to develop credible human traits in law students to become successful and competitive lawyers in their upcoming professional life.


The mission of the Department of Law is to provide quality legal education and knowledge about the substantive and procedural laws of the country. By providing knowledge and legal education, we foster better informed and culturally sensitive responses to the challenges of the country.

Why Choose Law As a Profession

A law degree is one of the well-respected undergraduate qualifications. Lawyers command respect everywhere in the world. A law degree offers an idealistic person a realistic way to make a difference in the world. Most of the world leaders who have made meaningful changes were lawyers, such as Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Allama Iqbal, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and many others.

Lawyers play a diverse range of roles in our society. Lawyers defend and prosecute criminals, defend and protect constitutional rights, help children in adoption and foster care situations, advise clients about their rights and obligations, negotiate transactions, draft agreements and help to solve complex and stressful disputes of the members of society.

By becoming a lawyer, you, too, will have the power to uphold individuals’ rights by serving people who are in trouble, advocating for causes in which you believe in and protesting against the unjust treatment of the vulnerable members of the society who are not strong enough to stand alone. You will also have the power to change laws that are unfair or against the welfare of society and help to make laws that are necessary for the betterment of society.