Message from Director

Welcome to the Faculty of MUST Business School. As the Director, I take great pride in the long-standing tradition of our School, which has been dedicated to delivering practical, hands-on business education since its establishment. Our School's business programs are designed to equip our students with the necessary leadership skills, ethical grounding, and intellectual prowess to tackle the challenges of our rapidly evolving society. Situated in Mirpur Azad Jammu and Kashmir, a thriving center for both economics and culture, the Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) offers unparalleled opportunities for our students to engage with various industries and communities.

Here at the Faculty of MUST Business School, our unwavering commitment is to provide exceptional academic excellence in the fields of business administration, banking & finance, and commerce. Whether you choose to explore our school online or prefer a visit to our campus, I extend a warm invitation to all individuals seeking to expand their knowledge and enhance their professional journeys. Join us as we embark on a remarkable educational experience together.

Dr. Zafar Iqbal

Director FMBS


Must Business School, Inaugurated by Dr. Ishrat Husain former Governor State Bank of Pakistan and  serving as dean and director Institute of Business Administration Karachi (IBA), is one of the best business schools in this part of the country. The school is a blend of experience in teaching, research and practical exposure of the market. Moreover, through different initiatives such as Entrepreneurial Incubation Center (EIC), each year a number of businesses are initiated by our students, the aim of which is to produce graduates those are not looking for employment but catering employment for others in the market. FMBS has initiated a Business Research Center (BRC) which is mainly established to meet the current research needs of local businesses, to minimize the failure rate of businesses and to boost success rate in businesses. Teaching Methods at FMBS are based on a combination of classroom sessions, syndication, group work, case studies, term papers, use of library, top quality seminars, workshops and conferences. The three departments are established under the umbrella of MUST Business School are respectively, Department of Business Administration, Banking and Finance and Commerce are established the new degree Programme BS in HRM is introduced at Bhimber campus.


To become a leading business school in the region by producing quality graduates and entrepreneurs.


Faculty of MUST Business School (FMBS) will produce quality graduates and entrepreneurs equipped with skills. We aim to create a strong bond with regional educational institutions and local industry by promoting research and entrepreneurial activities.


  • To produce excellent research that helps both society and businesses.
  • To be an outstanding learning and teaching institution that produces employable students.
  • To build sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships with the corporate world.
  • To develop national and international partnerships with likeminded institutions.
  • To inculcate a culture of continuous improvement based on international standards of excellence for business schools.
  • To promote innovation and team-work amongst our students and faculty members.

Job Prospects for Graduates

Our graduates have sound knowledge of business and management and they easily get jobs in small and medium sized industries, national and multinational companies, banks and national and international NGOs. The  graduates can also appear in  competitive examination e.g. Azad Kashmir Public Service Commission and Federal Public Service Commissions for administrative and academic jobs.