Mirpur University of Science & Technology (MUST) established in 2008, Home Economics department was previously working as College of Home Economics under University of AJK became part of MUST in faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Home Economics have contributed significantly to strengthening programs focused on women, families, and children and to formally and informally educating women, increase understanding and appreciation of cultural values, improving public health, and improving the process of introducing change.

 It is a professional field comprising of the following Disciplines:

  1. Food and Nutrition.
  2. Textiles and Clothing.
  3. Human Development and Family Studies.
  4. Interior and Environmental Design.
  5. Art and Design.


To foster versatile growth of female students through diversified learning based on teaching and research excellence with a view to groom them as esthetically, morally and ethically promoting positive values, empowered independent thinkers, professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers and compassionate individuals with a high sense of social responsibility, values, harmony, culture and norms of right conduct.

Mission Statement of the Department of Home Economics: –

Our mission is to inculcate professional knowledgeskills,and ethical values so as to prepare professionals and responsible citizens for the development of community   through continuous improvement of physical / material and esthetic relational dimensions of living.

Department of Home Economics offers “BS in Home Economics” (4-years) Degreeprogramme with following particulars:

Name of Program

Duration No. of Modules (Semesters) Total Credit Hrs.
BS in Home Economics 4 years 8semesters (Internship + Research+ Thesis)


Mission of BS Program

Our mission is to prepare fresh/new graduates with professional knowledge and skills in all five major fields/ discipline of Home Economics to become successful entrepreneurs and inculcate ethical values so that they can contribute as responsible citizens for the development of community and a disciplined nation.