Akson College of Pharmacy was established as “College of Pharmacy” in 2011 keeping in view the pivotal role of pharmacy professionals in the health system. As Pharmacist is the only resourced person who is in a unique position of exercising complete drug expertise and its applications. The Pharmacist plays a key role in Health Care System of the country and he is an important member of health Care Team.

Akson College of pharmacy provides convenient scientific and practical environment, and adopts a well designed study plan for Doctor of Pharmacy according to Phamacy Council of Pakistan. As an institution for the health professionals which is committed to rear up graduates in a competitive, learning and professional environment, our mission is to be recognized as nationally and internationally in pharmaceutical education, research and civic engagements. So far five batches have been passed out from Akson college of Pharmacy and are serving communities locally and internationally in different fields of pharmacy. We aim to accomplish our goals by conducting competitive clinical, basic, social and administrative science research under a team of dedicated faculty and professional staff.

Dr. Kashif Sohail

Principal/ Associate Professor

(05827) 451188


Akson College of Pharmacy located at old industrial estate, Sector D/1, Mirpur was established as “College of Pharmacy” in 2011 keeping in view the pivotal role of pharmacy professionals in the health system. In developing countries inability of public sector to meet the requirement of public health needs due to meager resources is a norm and pharmacy profession is not an exception. Akson College of Pharmacy is an excellent and dedicated Public-Private” endeavor of Akson group and Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) to cope prevalent health challenges of society, recognized by Pharmacy Council of Pakistan (Letter No. F.No.2-06/2010-PCP September 22, 2017).

Program Mission:

“To provide quality pharmacy education & research that contributes significantly to improve health care system of the society, through intra disciplinary approach.”

Job Opportunities for Pharmacists:

Pharmacists playing vital role in the communities of advanced countries. Recent career opportunities in Pakistan include;

  • Regulate Drug affairs
  • Employment within primary care groups
  • As pharmaceutical advisor to health authorities, drug regulatory bodies, health planners and policy makers
  • In education institutions and international epidemiological research organizations
  • As research scientists in Research & Development departments for new drug developments
  • As community pharmacist to ensure safe, cost effective and rational use of drugs along with follow up prescription advices to the patients as well as the important role in drug testing laboratories
  • In government regulated hospitals and private clinics as hospital and clinical pharmacists
  • As research scientists in nuclear and forensic science agencies
  • Within pharmaceutical industries as production pharmacists and as marketing managers for sale promotion of drugs

As federal & provincial drug inspectors and drug controllers to regulate drug affairs.

Admission Criterion:          

  • Sc (Pre-medical) or Equivalent with minimum 60% marks


  • Sc. (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry) with minimum 45% marks along with 1st division in F.Sc.