The Department of International Relations is ought to be a diverse, inclusive scholarly community dedicated to bringing the benefits of its research, scholarship and creative activity, and educational excellence to global and local communities in ways that impact and positively change the world. We view the three traditional pillars of the public higher education mission; research, education, and service, as interdependent endeavours that continually enrich and inform each other. Ground breaking research, transformative educational experiences, and deeply engaged service to its communities will define the Department of International Relations’ mission as a premier, research-intensive Department.


Building on the existing strong foundation of academic excellence, knowledge and understanding, Department of International Relations will advance into the highest tier of the country’s leading department, thereby expanding the scope of its reach and the strength of its world-wide impact.


Department of International Relations will enhance its national and international stature by achieving a number of specific academic objectives.  Among the strategic goals articulated for the immediate future, the Department will:

The primary objective of the BS 4-Year programme in International Relations is to acquaint the students with the broader concepts and theories of the discipline as well as inducing a broader comprehension and instilling an analytical approach towards political history of the world, contemporary conflicts, domestic politics and future global trends.

While designing the syllabus for the subjects, following objectives were kept in minds:

It is expected that the graduates of this programme shall have a sound grip on the subject. To achieve this objective an extensive and intensive program of BS (4 years) in International Relations is developed.

Second, an interdisciplinary approach is adopted while designing the structure of the program. It will help the students to interact meaningfully with other branches of knowledge so as to ensure a better understanding of the state and society. Furthermore, the significant multidisciplinary nature of the discipline makes the discourses cosmopolitan and equally challenging.

Third, equipping the students with the best available research tools and techniques is one of the cardinal objectives of this program. The possible outcome is a class of graduates having sound analytical and critical aptitude, and to ensure their ability to evaluate the phenomena at hand more succinctly.

Fourth, our job is not to develop a generation of theorists only. Theory and practice go hand in hand. Therefore, the structure of the program is conceived and developed to ensure that the graduates are able to establish and develop a powerful link between theory and practice.

Career Prospects after Bachelor’s in International Relations

A Bachelor’s degree (04) in International Relations allows a student to pick from a wide range of occupations such as: diplomacy, lobbying, political analysis, international law, intelligence, researcher, historian, political scientist, and planner. A graduate may adopt professions as teacher, news anchor, NGO activist, and many other entry-level jobs. It prepares the candidate for pursuing an advanced study, after which the doors of academic positions open in colleges and universities.