Mirpur University of  Science and Technology is known for academia and professional excellence.  Graduate Placement Bureau (GPB) was established  in 2016 to enhance  employment skills, working opportunities and finding  internships/job within Pakistan as well as abroad respectively. GPB extends advice and cooperation to the Graduates/students for their career progression. GPB treats the students/Graduates  with respect regardless of gender, caste, creed, family, status, religion or any other factor. All the students/ Graduates are welcome at placement bureau for any advice on job seeking difficulties. The placement Bureau makes all effort for advertising the job at MUST/GPB website, within MUST premises and alumni portal. Today the Changing paradigms have made it mandatory for an academic institution to foster a new breed of professionals – individuals equipped with the right kind of knowledge, technical skills, ability to think out of the box and innovation. The industry expectations have gone higher and only those sustain who have the right attitude & skills to accept challenges and increase the performance ladder each day. Hard work is no more the key to success alone, but individuals are expected to work smarter and consistently without failure.

GPB gives utmost importance to assist its students in getting suitable placements after the successful completion of their degree. Bureau office ensures that every student get the right skill & domain knowledge so that they are easily acceptable to the industry.

The Career Guidance & Placement Center of GC University Lahore was established in 2002 with aims to work for the enhancement and development of students in terms of academic and scholarly endeavors. It also strives for the placement pursuits of students. The purpose of the center is to provide up-dated and advanced information to the students for their academic and professional development. It also helps the students to make appropriate choices at the right moment and develop insight for appropriate decisions. The Career Guidance and Placement Center (CG&PC) office is led by a trained and full time Clinical Psychologist aims at providing assistance and guidance to the students for helping them in making their career choices, academic planning and to explore future professions and placement opportunities based on their personal needs and current opportunities.


To see all MUST students engage in career exploration in a manner that enhance their student life experience, helps them to see the relevance of their education & their career development, enables them to achieve their career goals and make a positive contribution to society.


The mission of Graduate Placement Bureau is to train, tune, trim, equip, facilitate, and develop human resource skills at our students so to provide worthwhile placement opportunities.

To add value through pursuit of professional excellence; liaison with industry and creating an environment of comprehensive assistance to the CUST students into professional world.

Career Guidance Center provides an extensive set of services focused on assisting students, in the career planning process. These services aid the comprehensive identification and promotion of the expertise and values that GCU students acquire from the academic environment.

The Career Guidance Center offers counseling to students to help them identify talents, interests and values in making educated career choices. We conduct workshops and presentations on various topics (interview techniques, career expectations etc) strengthening students’ skills to better respond to the demands. Student Counselor’s career guidance system designed to examine interests, self-rate abilities, evaluate experiences, and prioritize values in order to identify compatible occupations. We try to help students discover career planning by organizing information about oneself and occupations, providing ways to bring this information together to make good decisions. This system also has a complete database of Career Counseling related areas. The Career Center provides information about graduate and postgraduate academic programs, subjects selection, subjects descriptions, career profiles etc.

Major Goal:

To enhance the employability skills among the students to meet out the corporate expectations and place students in reputable organizations.


Prime objective of Placement Bureau of MUST is to assist graduate, students and its Alumni in identifying their future plan and guide them towards achieving their objectives. All students, weather existing or prospective can expect to receive fair and equal services. The main objectives of Placement Bureau include:

  • To create knowledge, influencing management practices and global integration. Every Stdent/Graduate is provided with highly professional environment of learning from the very first day.
  • To facilitate graduating students and alumni in developing their academic career interest in line with their short and long term goals.
  • To facilitate graduating students and alumni in making appropriate and realistic career choices and career decisions.
  • To help graduating students and alumni by arranging  capacity building sessions and professional developmental workshops.
  • To organize various activities such as seminars, workshops, guest lectures..
  • Providing career counseling to students for career selection
  • To act as medium of communication amongst students, Industries and professional bodies to promote career opportunities for MUST
  • To establish and maintain liaison with the corporate sector and potential employers
  • To recognize and foster the core competencies of students
  • To hoist confidence in students and develop right attitude in them
  • To conduct productive workshops on professional & employability skills
  • To act as a bridge between students, alumni and employers
  • To look for Internships/employment opportunities for all students
  • To create awareness among students regarding available career options and help them in identifying their career objectives
  • To help students make appropriate and realistic career choices and career direction.
  • To guide students to develop their academic career interests in line with their short or long term goals.
  • To manage and give information regarding scholarships.
  • To look for the range of career profiles for students’.
  • To help students prepare for interview and develop their communication skills
  • To organize various activities such as seminars / workshops / lectures / trainings etc.


  • Developing and maintaining a current database of appropriate employers, studentplacements and experiential assignmen
  • Playing an active role in the distribution of relevant documentation to student’s through factual and online portal.
  • Supporting both paid internships and unpaid placements for all programs.
  • Invite employer for on campus recruitment drive and make the necessary arrangements.
  • To organize and attend placement visits.
  • To make sure maximum of graduates get an opportunity to be campus interviewed.
  • Designing and implementing student work programs including resume preparation & email writing workshops.
  • Productive sessions on interview skills
  • Training on presentation & communication skills
  • Publishing Graduate Directory
  • Organize Open House/ Job Fair
  • Personality development workshops
  • Professional alumni interaction
  • Employment expos, and scholarships Assists students with jobs, college applications
  • Uses achievement and aptitude tests to help students evaluate their skills, interests and abilities
  • Helps students learn new job skills including: networking, resume writing and interviewing
  • Evaluates the students’ educational background and help them develop realistic goals
  • Trains students in resume writing and help them locate foreign scholarships and jobs abroad
  • Helps students make achievable career goals
  • Advises students to resolve problems and issues in the workplaces