American Society of Mechanical Engineering (ASME)

Mirpur University of Science & Technology, MUST is one of the prestigious institutes in the state of Azad Jammu & Kashmir with an aim to enhance facilities for higher education and research. Even though a relatively young society, ASME MUST Students Chapter has found a strong footing and made its mark, by providing both technical awareness and industrial opportunities to students by series of Events like Present Mania, Seminars, Workshops, Mustival’14, Mustival’15, Mustival’16 and various other competitions.

ASME MUST was founded in 2013 by Students of session 2010-2014. It is the first and only Internationally Recognized Student chapter of MUST. It aims to provide members with educational and career opportunities outside of what engineering students obtain in the classroom through innovative training, networking, tours, professional development, national competitions and International competitions. ASME concerns to promote education by along with the touch of extra-curricular activities by organizing technical events, seminars workshops, educational tours, professional development conferences and lot more.

For Further Details & Information:

Contact: Usman Mir (President) (Not Available)

Email: [email protected]

Society of Civil Engineering MUST (SCEM)

SCEM is a non-profit society established in the Civil Engineering Department M.U.S.T .The objectives of SCEM is to conduct Civil Engineering related workshops, events and exhibitions. Few of the events held by SCEM in past include Mega Structure Wall Poster Competition, Hydraulic Models Exhibition, Bridge Building Competition, a seminar on nanotechnology, Must Olympiad 2015 and MUST Enigma 15  etc.

Furthermore, future plans of SCEM include opening of an ‘ASCE chapter’ in MUST which would link Civil Engineering Department of MUST with the international universities thus taking grooming & vision of our students as well as  reputation of the institute one step ahead. SCEM aims to organize Seminars related to new trends in Civil Engineering within campus and on national level as well. The society also aims to organize industrial trips, workshops and awareness programs regarding career counseling and new trends in field of Civil Engineering.

For Further Details & Information:

President: Junaid Ashraf

Contact No. +923004850586

Email: [email protected]

Society of Computer system & Information Technology (SOCIT)

Society of Computer Science and Information Technology was established in February, 2016. Mission of SOCIT is to promote and organize scientific and educational activities towards the advancement of common person’s life by improving the theory and practice of Computer Science and Information Technology.

SOCIT organizes conferences, workshops, seminars and create awareness programs by providing technical and to offer support to improve research and development activities in Computer Science and Information Technology.

SOCIT aims to promote the emerging talent of Computer Sciences and new breed of developers, researchers, application developers along with spreading awareness among people with latest technology trends in the field of information technology.

For Further Details & Information:

Contact: Natasha Ratyal (President):

Email: [email protected]

Society of Electrical Technology (SET)

SET aims to promote talent and technical skills of students of electrical technology. It is a very prominent platform for the students of electrical technology especially where they can excel high an avail opportunities to build a professional reputation and credentials. SET focus on organizing workshops and seminars for students that would not only build high professional skills among them but also develop leadership qualities among talented students of MUST.

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Contact: Ameer Sharif Awan (President): 0307-4237458

Email: (Not Available)

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

ASCE-MUST Chapter at Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) is a vibrant student organization committed to driving excellence in civil engineering education, professional growth, and community involvement. As a proud affiliate of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), an esteemed international platform dedicated to advancing the civil engineering profession worldwide, ASCE MUST Chapter plays an integral role in promoting the values and mission of ASCE within the local academic community.

For Further Details & Information:

Hasnain Aurangzaib

+92 341 0154899

Usman Abid

+92 355 8342855