MUST joins hands with AJK-EPA and AJK-CDP to save the environment

Poor Environmental Governance increase Vulnerability

On 8th of March, 2015, Quality Enhancement Cell of Mirpur University of Science and Technology in collaboration with Environmental Protection Agency (AJK-EPA) organized a one-day workshop on the topic “Use of Oxo-Biodegradable plastics” at Hotel Regency Mirpur. This workshop was attended by people from all walks of life including environmentalists, representatives of various NGOs and environment conservation groups, researchers, teachers and local administration & some certified international companies working in Pakistan. Director QEC MUST, Prof. Rafia Khanam, chaired the technical session of the workshop and highlighted the importance of the use of Oxo-biodegradable plastics to save the environment. She quoted the famous verses of the Holy Quran about the conservation of natural environment on earth “Do no mischief on the earth, after it has been set in order that will be best for you, if you have faith” (Q.7: 85). She further added that poor environmental governance and lack of coordination among three important stake-holders (state, civil society and private sector) has led to increased vulnerability/decreased resilience to the natural hazards. Director QEC MUST also emphasized that, it is the need of the hour to devise a comprehensive policy plan to save the already endangered natural resources. Her views were highly appreciated by the audience and it was decided that EPA-AJK will be facilitated at institutional levels for its environment saving awareness campaign. She also emphasized that MUST should start the BS-Environmental Sciences so that they can play their due role in producing the experts in this field. The idea was highly appreciated by all participants. Later on, an Environmental Walk was arranged, which was led by Vice Chancellor MUST and was attended by the people from all walks of life including teachers and students of MUST, local schools and colleges, representatives of WWF, AJK-EPA, AJK-CDP.

The seminar and walk will create awareness among the masses, about different environmental issues, said, Muhammad Majid Qureshi (Assistant Director QEC-MUST). He further added that it will provide an understanding to protect our environment in a framework of rapidly expanding economies and global environmental changes.

Breast Cancer Awareness Program



Pink Ribbon is a national organization, raising awareness about Breast Cancer in Pakistan. It is a non-funded, self-sustained campaign, mostly supported by different government departments as strategic partners, contributions through public philanthropy and driven by a large number of volunteers all over the country.

Pink Ribbon Pakistan has been able to successfully reach out to over 1,050,000 women and 350,000 female students, just in last 4 years, empowering them with knowledge and techniques to detect breast cancer at an early stage. They have also provided free clinical examination to 29,000 symptomatic patients through expert doctors and free mammogram screening to over 3,700 high risk women. But what stands out the most in all of achievements is the fact that there has been a 30% increase in patient turn-up at Breast Cancer Clinics nationwide since Pink Ribbon first started in Pakistan.


  • Raffia Khanam

Director Quality Enhancement Cell

Mirpur University of Science and Technology

(MUST), Mirpur Azad Kashmir.

  • M. Munir Ahmed

Dean Faculty of Arts

Mirpur University of Science and Technology

( MUST) Mirpur Azad Kashmir

  • Dr. Samina Masood

Social Welfare Officer/Gynaecologist

DHQ Mirpur Azad Kashmir

  • Muhammad Majid Qureshi

Assistant Director Quality Enhancement Cell

Mirpur University of Science and Technology

(MUST), Mirpur Azad Kashmir

Seminar Content:

Seminar was organized at Department of Home Economics on Tuesday November 18th 2014, at 12 pm. It was attended by all the faculty, staff and students of different departments and also the Social welfare Officer Dr. Samina Masood and people from department of health and from civil society. Program was conducted by Hareem Raza (7th Semester 2010-2015). Three speakers participated to conduct an informative awareness lecture with multimedia presentation, Hareem Raza (7th Semester 2010-2015), Shahrukh Siddique (7th Semester 2010-2015), Misbah Mehmod (7th semester 2011- 20 ) & Maham Naeem (5th semester 2012-2016) as follow;

  • Introduction of Cancer: Hareem Raza
  • Signs and symptoms: Misbah Mehmod
  • Self examination and treatment: Shahrukh Sidique
  • Diet therapy for cancer and conclusion: Maham Naeem

Dr. Samina Masood, Social Welfare Officer presented on new findings relating to the genetics of breast cancer. She also discussed the different types of breast cancer screening methods available and about the connection between sex hormones and breast cancer.

Objectives of the seminar were successfully achieved, as by the appreciation of guests, attendees and their comments about the seminar. It was also decided that a comprehensive breast cancer awareness campaign will also be started in the local schools of the district mirpur.

Donations for Pink Ribbon:

Civic Engagement

  • Preparation of first student societies constitution and application forms
  • Establishment of student accreditation council and students societies
  • “Go green” MUST 16 plantation  by Green society MUST under the supervision of Coordinator students affairs
  • Organization and holding of MUSTIVAL 2016
  • Organization and Conduction of All Pakistan Declamation Contest, 2015.
  • Signing of MOU between MUST and Directorate of Education Govt of AJK
  • Preparation of two MOUs with Turkish Universities for the students and faculty exchange programs and collaboration in the field of science and Technology
  • MOU between Health Care for All International ( HC4AI) and MUST for the provision of health care facilities to the far flung areas of District Mirpur.
  • MoU between the MUST and Kashmir Orphans Relief Trust (KORT) for the provision of IT and infrastructural facilities to KORT
  • Successful organization of Esperanza 2016 – a social event organized by Software Dept of MUST
  • Successful organization of Impulse 2016 – a social event organized by Electrical Dept of MUST
  • Issuance of Computerized Driving License for District Bhimber