Counseling and Guidance Program:

A well-structured Counseling and Guidance is working to help the students under supervision of the Chairperson and a Psychologist. All the teachers are available to the students as counselors. Major responsibilities of the teachers as counselors include:

  • Guiding and counseling individual students and groups to solve their problems.
  • Counseling small groups and individuals with problems.
  • Consulting with teachers, staff, and parents regarding meeting the developmental needs of students to solve problems of students.
  • Referring students with severe problems to appropriate institutes in consultation with their parents.
  • Coordinating, conducting, or participating in activities that contribute to the effective coordination among students, teachers, and parents.
  • Evaluating and revising the student development Program.
  • Pursuing professional growth.
  • Consult with student’s family, teachers, educational support staff, and Government Institutes regarding strategies to help students.
  • Parents must be involved and participate in the activities of this component to help their children overcome barriers to their educational progress