Message from Chairperson:

Pakistan is an evolving economy and at this unique phase of transition new issues and problems are also emerging. It is crucial to develop aptitude to explain and resolve these issues. The academia has an essential obligation to develop competencies to overcome these challenges. The Department of Economics is engaged in producing the professionals to recognize, examine and solve the problems in their respective area of operations.

We are concentrating on developing human resource that has the capacity to think about issues uniquely, to study problems analytically and to craft innovative and operational solutions.

The aim of education should not simply be attainment of a degree in quest of a job, but rather the acquirement of knowledge, skills and creative thought-processes that actually creates values for whole sphere of your life. I believe, your stay in the Department of Economics will provide you a golden opportunity to develop your intellectual, moral and social capacity.

Dr. Muhammad Saim Hashmi

Chairperson/Assistant Professor

Department of Economics


The Department of Economics was established in 2009 during the inception of the Mirpur University of Science and Technology (MUST) under the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. The Department aims to deliver excellent, stimulating and research-led teaching across undergraduate and graduate program to develop critical thinking in students. We are not only committed to the development of human resource by imparting quality education but also human values in them to promote a peaceful and harmonious society. We prepare students by enhances their ability to contribute productively in their careers using knowledge learned during their study of economics. Our graduates have been readily absorbed in various jobs with private and public sector institutions. The department is playing a vital role in providing trained and competent human recourse to overcome the scarcity of professionals in the field of Economics.

Degree Programs Offered:

BS Economics

M.Phil. Economics