The ASME Chapter at MUST recently hosted a successful seminar on Leadership Skills and Personality Development, aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4 (SDG4) of quality education. Held on 14th June 2023 at the prestigious Mechanical Hall in Mirpur, the event attracted an enthusiastic audience of students eager to enhance their personal and professional growth. Mr. Ghulam Gilani, the esteemed Managing Director of 7s Professional Institute and College, delivered insightful presentations and engaged the attendees with his extensive knowledge and practical experience.

The seminar aimed to equip participants with essential skills for success in leadership roles and foster overall personality development, contributing to the advancement of SDG4. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, attendees gained valuable insights into self-awareness, effective communication, emotional intelligence, and cultivating positive mindsets. Mr. Gilani’s use of real-life examples and encouragement of lively discussions created a dynamic learning environment that facilitated personal and professional growth.

The seminar received praise from Mr. Shayan, the President of ASME Chapter at MUST, who expressed delight at the attendees’ enthusiasm and active participation. Professionals, students, and enthusiasts from various industries attended, fostering valuable networking opportunities and cross-pollination of ideas. Participants commended Mr. Gilani’s expertise in delivering practical insights applicable to both personal and professional contexts.

Engr. Dr. Khuram Pervez, Chairperson of the Mechanical Engineering Department, expressed gratitude to Mr. Ghulam Gilani for his invaluable contributions to the seminar, further supporting the goals of SDG4. Dr. Pervez also commended the ASME team for organizing a successful event that significantly contributed to attendees’ professional development. In recognition of Mr. Gilani’s outstanding efforts, the Chief Guest, Dr. Khuram Pervez, presented him with a shield as a gesture of honor and appreciation. Certificates of participation were distributed to recognize the attendees’ commitment to personal growth and professional development, aligning with the spirit of SDG4.

The seminar served as a testament to the ASME Chapter at MUST’s dedication to promoting quality education and lifelong learning, in line with the global efforts towards achieving SDG4.