Realizing the importance of advancement in the technology NTC (Network and Telecommunication Centre) as a separate department was established in June, 2010.  The establishment of NTC department is aimed at enhancing the facility of network and telecommunication for the University. NTC at MUST, Mirpur is a team of highly dedicated and professional members, responsible for providing IT, computing, corporate trainings and consultancy services not only to MUST campus but also to public and private organizations.


To provide the best, innovative, reliable and integrated IT solutions/support. We are committed to support/meet user requirements at MUST, Mirpur by delivering ethical, reliable, and high quality solutions of strategic value.

Areas of Activity/Services:

In the era of technology network and telecommunication are providing key role to run business of any organization smoothly. Network and telecommunication not only enable you to connect and communicate locally at your office but also across the globe. NTC (Network and Telecommunication Centre) at MUST is responsible for implementation of broad IT vision of the University in term of strategic central planning and operations. It provides technical support both to the academic community and the management of the University, making it easier for them to carry out their tasks and duties. Its main priority is to meet all kinds of IT challenges through well thought out policies.Further responsibilities include maintaining a stable electronic working environment; collaborating with other staff to use information technology to better serve the University; identifying emerging technologies to meet the University’s changing needs; protecting the University’s investment in technology; and providing training to staff on the proper use of software programs and equipment.

Facilities and Services we provide are:

  • Network design, installation, performance monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance
  • Telecom Exchange installation, troubleshooting, and maintenance
  • Development, design, and maintenance of the University Website
  • In-house software development
  • 160 Mbps bandwidth which includes PERN HEC connection facilitating learning and research at MUST, Mirpur.
  • 10 Mbps backup from SCO.
  • Mesh Wireless (Wi-Fi) access in both campuses of Mirpur
  • User based Internet Access Management System
  • CCTV/IP Surveillance Installation/Management
  • Campus Management System
  • Highly sophisticated and professionally designed Data Center
  • Computer System installation, activation, troubleshooting, and maintenance
  • ICT support utilizing Helpdesk ticketing system
  • Turnitin Services for checking plagiarism
  • Bio Metric Attendance System

NTC at MUST has designed and deployed entire network of the University and also responsible for performance monitoring, troubleshooting, back up, and maintenance of a variety of networking hardware and security issues. NTC is also responsible for the management of telecommunication infrastructure within the University. Installation of telecom exchanges at the university, troubleshooting on the event of issue, and also provides maintenance services. It is the responsibility of NTC department to install system software, activation, updating, troubleshooting, and maintenance for all the systems available at the university. The University’s website “development and design” and in-house software development comes under NTC department. The NTC department team is proud to announce that MUST, Mirpur official website has been launched since June, 2011. It is after a thorough and continual effort that this website has been designed and developed so that it covers the maximum amount of information and content about the resources being offered by the university. Student registration software has been provided to university’s management developed and designed by the NTC department. Wireless (Wi-Fi) access for staff and students has been provided at the university. The use of Information and communications technology (ICTs) in education extends beyond equipping classrooms with computers and an Internet connection. There are a wide variety of ICTs currently available to universities that can be implemented to enhance students’ overall learning experiences in numerous ways. The NTC department is supporting ICT at university in different ways. Internet access has been provided to each and every department at the university. All the computer labs at university have been equipped with internet, computers with advance specifications, and application software installed. The staff at the NTC department is dedicated to provide ICT support to staff and students at the university.