• To provide graduates with professional knowledge and skills to enter the job markets well prepared in their respective disciplines.
  • To apply different art medias to inculcate sense of creativity, aesthetics, and perception through innovative project development.
  • To understand and appreciate the nature and properties of healthy cultural, social and economic influences on the evolution of nutritional science, food science and technology and food products development.
  • To evaluate critically the impact of social, cultural, economic, scientific, and technological developments on the well-being of individuals, families, and society.
  • To interpret, evaluate and represent abstract concepts, knowledge, skills, processes and requirements within the interior environment; understand the value of sustainable practices to optimize use of available resources.
  • To impart knowledge about nature of fashion design, the characteristics of fibers and fabrics; the construction, production and marketing of clothing and textile products; and the evolution of fashion and design trends, textile technology and garments production methods.