The Planning and Development Department has always a vital role in any organization, not only in Pakistan but all over the world. Directorate of Planning and Development P&D, besides planning, also oversees the developmental activities, in shape of civil work, Human Resource Development (HRD). Mirpur University of Science & Technology does have a Department of Planning and Development since its inception. The basic objective of the department is to arrange development funds for strengthening and progress of university to provide quality education and research in the field of Science & Technology.

In order to accomplish the above objective, the P&D Department is:

  • To assist and coordinate with the subject specialists of the University to prepare Development Projects for Strengthening and Launching of Various Developmental activities of the University.
  • To Scrutinize and submit the Development Projects of the university for seeking funding from different Donor agencies.
  • To follow the already submitted Projects for their approval and release of funds from competent authority.
  • To monitor the implementation of approved Development Projects and progress of ongoing development schemes.
  • To coordinate and Furnish Progress / Implementation Reports of Development Projects to the Higher Education Commission or other Donors.
  • To formulate Business Plans and prepare Annual Reports of the University.

Vision & Mission:

  • Promote integrated planning and development activities at MUST.
  • Working to develop policies, programs, and projects that support public and private efforts throughout the region to resolve issues, solve problems, meet needs, and exploit opportunities whenever and wherever such efforts can benefit from sound regional planning.
  • Serving as an advocate for the regional community as needs and circumstances dictate.
  • Engaging an open and broadly participatory planning process solidly grounded in ethical principles and a commitment to dedicated, high-quality public service.
  • The P&D Department is to coordinate, facilitate and monitor implementation of integrated development planning. It will also render and facilitate development information services through various sources.