MUST, provide accommodation in well-furnished hostels having all important facilities required for students.  Accommodation in hostels is a privilege and cannot be claimed as a matter of right. The residential accommodation is an equal and merit based opportunity. Proper boarding, lodging and mess facilities are available to the residents. All University Hostels are under1 the direct supervision of the Provost who is assisted by Superintendent and Deputy Superintendents of each hostel. The Provost serves as overall in-charge of all hostels and sets policy guidelines for the hostel administration.
S.# Name of Hostel No. of Seats
1. Iqbal Hostel (City Campus)


2. Abu-Bakar Hostel (City Campus)


3. Quaid-e-Azam Hostel (City Campus)


4. Maryam Girls Hostel (Home Economics  Campus)


5. Fatima Girls Hostel (Bhimber Campus)