Scheme of Study for BS

Duration:                                                       8-12 Semesters

Theory Courses:                                           118 Credits

Laboratory                                                    19

Thesis:                                                          03 Credits (optional)

Total:                                                             137 Credits

Scheme of Study for M.Sc                 

Duration 4-6 Semesters
Theory/Lab Courses 65 Credits
Thesis 03 Credits
Comprehensive Oral Examination *S/U Basis
Internship/Practical Training (optional) S/U Basis
Total Credits 68 Credits

Scheme of Study for M.Phil

Duration 4 -6 Semesters
Courses 24 Credits
Thesis 06  Credits
Seminar 01 Credit
Total 31 Credits

Scheme of Study for Ph.D

  • As per HEC rules.