Scheme of Study of BS in Botany

Eligibility Criteria: F.Sc. Pre Medical/ A level.

Categories No. of Courses



Credit Hours



Compulsory Requirement (No Choice) 9-9 25-25
General Courses to be chosen from other departments 7-8 21-24
Discipline Specific Foundation Courses 9-10 30-33
Major Courses including Research Project / Internship 11-13 36-42
Electives within the Major 4-4 12-12
Total 40-44 124-136

Duration                                                                      8-12 semesters

Courses                                                                       124 credits

Internship                                                                    S/ U basis

Comprehensive Oral examination                               S/ U basis

Research Thesis /Special paper                                   6 credits

Total Credits                                                               130 credits

Scheme of Studies of M.Sc. in Botany

Eligibility for M.Sc. in Botany:

The criteria for admission in M. Sc. in Botany:

The criterion to apply for the admission in M.Sc. Botany is B. Sc. with Botany, Zoology and Chemistry/ Botany, Zoology and geography in at least second division (45% Marks). An aptitude test is conducted and final merit is computed including the academia marks. Final eligibility for admission in the Department of Botany is aggregate of both (test and academic record).

Duration:                                                                     4 – 6 Semesters

Courses:                                                                      60 Credits

Thesis/Two elective papers:                                        6 Credits

Comprehensive oral examination:                               S/U basis

Internship/Lab Outline: training:                                S/U basis

Total:                                                                           66 Credits

Scheme of Studies of M. Phil. in Botany


The criteria for admission in M. Phil. Botany is at least Second division in M.Sc. Botany and GAT-General of NTS with a minimum 50% score will be necessary at the time of admission to M. Phil. or within 1 year.

Duration:                                                                     1.5 -4 Years

Courses:                                                                      24 Credit Hours

Seminar                                                                       01 Credit Hours

Thesis:                                                                         06 Credit Hours

Total:                                                                           31 Credit Hours

Scheme of Studies of Ph.D. Botany

Eligibility criteria:

For admission to Ph.D, the minimum CGPA should be 3.00 or 1st division in MS/M.Phil. In addition, the candidate must pass GRE subject Test with minimum percentile score 60% before submission of Ph.D Dissertation.

Duration:                                                                     3 – 8 Years

Courses:                                                                      18 Credit Hours

Seminar                                                                       02 Credit Hours

Thesis:                                                                         50 Credit Hours

Total:                                                                           70 Credit Hours