Role of Mechanical Engineering Department Toward Achieving

SDG-7, i.e. “Affordable and Clean Energy”

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at MUST is determined to play its role toward achieving the organization’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through its various initiatives. Such initiatives include providing consultancy to local and international organizations on Affordable and Clean Energy (i.e. SDG-7), winning SDG-7 related research projects, and energy auditing. The followings are the major activities that the department has undertaken to achieve SDG-7.

Sr. No. Activity Description Evidence
1. Feasibility study of solar PV plant for all building blocks of MUST Click here
2. Installation of 30kW on-grid solar PV plant on the rooftop of the Kashmir Orphan relief Trust (KORT) Click here
3. Design and installation of a 10m3 Biogas Plant at Kashmir Orphan relief Trust (KORT) Click here
4. Installation of electricity sub-meters on various building blocks of Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT) Click here
5. Design, Installation and Testing of a supplimentary cooling system for a 100MW Francis Turbine at Mangla Hydro Power Plant Click here
6. Hybrid Motorcycle Project Click here
7. Development of a Multi-Purposed Environment Friendly and Efficient Smart Wood Stove. HEC TDF Project No: 02-124 Click here
8. Design, Development and Community Adoption of Energy Efficient, Environment Friendly & Cost Effective Smokeless Fuel wood Stove for Hilly Areas of AJK-Pakistan. HEC NRPU Project No. 7056 Click here
9. Energy Auditing of MUST Buildings Click here
10. KORT’s Acknowledgment on Dr. Khuram’s Energy Services Click here
11. Energy Audit of Unique Polypropylene Industry-Mirpur Click here
12. Placement of Switch Off Stickers in KORT Click here