Advancing Leadership, Governance and Management

The Higher Education System Strengthening Activity (HESSA) project aims to strengthen the capacity of Pakistan’s higher education leaders to reform policies, manage organizational transformation, and improve global rankings and graduate success.
To accomplish these objectives, HESSA will:

  • Conduct a baseline study of higher education institutions to better understand their growth potential and associated challenges and opportunities
  • Provide assistance in creating stakeholder engagement offices
  • Bolster 5-year strategic business plans and implementation targets
  • Address HESSA equity, diversity, and inclusion goals
  • Develop and deliver leadership training workshops
  • Build partnerships for resource mobilization
  • Prepare sustainable market-driven higher education policy framework

Three Focal Areas

The capacity development interventions will focus on soft skills and their application, with the audience comprising vice chancellors, rectors, pro-vice chancellors, deans, department heads, registrars, and directors/heads of the HESSA-partner HEIs (Higher Education Institutions). The training domains are be grouped into three focal areas:

  • Strengthening Strategic Planning Capacities of HEI leaders
  • Strengthening Capacities of HEC and HEI Leadership and Governance
  • Improving HEI Resource Mobilization through Private Sector Engagement

Under this Component, HESSA will organize the following in-country capacity-building training workshops, complemented by study tours to the U.S.:
Study Tour for Leadership Development & Institutional Governance
Benefiting 75 Leaders, including Vice Chancellors/Rectors, of HESSA partner HEIs
Study Tour for Women’s Leadership in Higher Education
Benefiting 150 Women Leaders of HESSA partner HEIs
Hybrid Workshops on Leadership Development Program (New Leadership Academy)
Benefiting 125 Mid-Level Leaders of HESSA partner HEIs
Hybrid Workshops on Women’s Leadership Summer Immersion Program
Benefiting 60 Women Leaders of HESSA partner HEIs